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  1. Unraid is linux. Linux is free. Test with free linux. If free works... well... do you want/need more? 6.
  2. I read this because its marked [SOLVED]. Clearly, the OP didn't mark it solved. Who moderates this forum? On topic... I've never been able to make GUI boot work. Has anyone? 6.
  3. Need... (#) None of the above? (#) Other... Specify?
  4. I don't know what "toggles" are, unless it's "the thing" turning things off and on (like a light switch). Assuming I understand what we're talking about... I would be really careful moving data from "preferred" or "cache only" or "several other things" shares. I'm no expert, but I've learned to; run "Mover" before making changes that involve my cache drive(s), and everything seems to work out just fine. 6.
  5. To me, parity/redundancy is just a way to keep things running. I want my server to run 24/7/365 (366 on leap years). If ( when :( drives fail... I hope/expect unraid to make it easier to keep things running. Less down time, rebuild, etc... My backup is my *guarantee* that everything will, eventually, work again... period! 6.
  6. Constantly?... Maybe that's what I was missing... If I had only two (2) drives, I would use one for data and the other for backup. I wouldn't try to clone/sync one to the other, but think about what's important on the data disk (maybe stuff after downloading/processing) and only backup the stuff that is really important. At my skill level, on unraid, I would use LuckyBackup (as I do). It uses rsync that can backup/synchronize drives beyond my skill level. I guess my main idea is that I would choose backup over parity. I hope this helps.
  7. 6of6

    Spell Checker

    My bad, only shows it when creating content. Reply with Unraid and/or Plex and/or Emby in your message. Then you can play with the spell checker. 6.
  8. 6of6

    Spell Checker

    Plea is (Plex) on Unsaid (Unraid)... Spell check... On my screen, Plex and Unraid are "marked" spelled wrong; suggestions being, "plea" and "unsaid". Maybe I'm using the wrong web browser. What should I be using? 6.
  9. I have a plea server on unsaid, but unpaid isn't playing nice with pleb or embody. I don't understand why unafraid wouldn't play nice with flex or em-by or even finely? Sorry... I remember Windows 3 spell checker turning Hewlett Packard into Helmet Packer. One might say you don't care about your forum because it can't spell your name properly/right? 6.
  10. Drives fail. I thought I was smart having 2x500Gb SSD for Cache. I think I'll go 1x500Gb for cache and 500Gb backup after reading this. 6.
  11. A reverse proxy is hard to setup properly (for me). I didn't look at your logs. Does everything work on your local network? 6.
  12. It's my understanding that unraid has a memory check that's available when you log in with a monitor attached to the physical/actual computer running unraid. I know it's really there because I've seen it. Try running that. I'm scared to run it on my ECC ram. PS: I did not look at the files you attached. 6.