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  1. Unraid is meant to run constantly (imho). You should want unraid to run on a machine in the basement and let in run forever. In your living room, you want a "player" to make things like Netflix, Disney, and your "home" media work together. Don't use unraid as a media player. Happy to help if this is as clear as mud.
  2. I'm too curious how you got NFS to work in Windows and why/how you even tried? Most folks have a hard time making SMB work in windows (despite it being the native format).
  3. Really?... PM me and stop flaming me (like I said you would).
  4. How is that relevant to their array/disk/connection issues? I've found the WebUI will show different "array/disk/connection" issues/things based on different forms of connections. I can be local; pretend local via VPN... It shows different. Maybe it's just me and my network. I'm sorry to have obfuscated things.
  5. I would recommend sharing the printer from a "client/user" computer on the network. What I mean is, plug the printer into a computer (assuming its not a network printer) and then share the printer from that computer. Unraid isn't really a printer server. I hope that makes sense and helps. 6.
  6. 6of6

    Help: Mail backup

    Very few people seem to know/share what "core" POP/SMTP or "the other email ones" are anymore. Best find a really good ISP that isn't your actual Internet Service Provider. If you find a good email server within unraid (docker, not VM), let me know. 6.
  7. I'm not sure what to say except cache pools MUST be btrfs and array drives MUST be xfs. People will flame me for my absolution, but it's "mostly" correct. Changing formats requires data demolition. You already know that. 6.
  8. If SMB shares "disappear" then someone/something has write access to the places those "things" exist (jmho). If not running NetData docker fixes things, well... go ahead and start it up again to test (for the fun of it?). What is NetData? (<-- I ask that in earnest and not feseciously). 6.
  9. I'm so stupid when it comes to this stuff, but my Manjaro Linux box (arch, like unraid, as I understand it), asked me to upgrade my kernel recently. I didn't know what to do, but followed "things" and Manjaro is working great. I thought unraid might upgrade kernels, but I thought Manjaro would do the same. I only say this because you said, "Kernel panic reoccurring" and, assumed "kernel" to be the linux kernel. I'm probably wrong. Now, I'm worried unraid is running on an old kernel and won't fix it. 6.
  10. Damn @remotevisitor... That document is something most people don't read... "We make use of Google Analytics to track non-personally identifying information" (<-- from your agreement that you agreed to). Personally, I think anyone should be able to transfer their license. Some people will argue there should be a "value add" and others will agree there's no way to quantify it. 6.
  11. I would say this is a known problem, because it happens to me (a little different) more often than not. What's "Mothership"? (don't answer that). 6.
  12. My bad... I would suggest new hardware, but budget is always EVERYTHING. If budget allows, find a way to make a new machine while the "old" one fills the needs of "family" doing stuff. I wish you the best, but I know nothing of sinology NAS. 6.
  13. Sorry... I guess my time will come to have a linux box (bare metal) crash... (knocking on wood). I really do hope your Unraid PC starts working as it should. Or, I could ask... What machine/computer is Unraid installed on and what machine/computer are you "logging" in from? 6.
  14. You got it wrong... You want your Synology(sp?) for backup. Build new and backup to old. If you do as I say, and your not already 79 years old, you'll be happy you "listened" (read). My server is, 3x12tb + 1x6tb; backup: 18tb NAS (4x6tb) + 10tb USB + 10tb USB +... not saying. 6.