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  1. But not 6.9.2 yet? My problems didn't start until I went from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2
  2. Interesting. Out of curiousity, are you on Unraid 6.9.2 and using Wireguard?
  3. EDIT: Looks to be an issue with Canadian endpoints? Tried ca-montreal.privacy.network and ca-toronto.privacy.network with the same error, but Bahamas (bahamas.privacy.network) seems to work fine. Oddly, I can connect to both of the above Canadian endpoints just fine using my Windows client.
  4. It looks like you are trying to connect to legacy PIA servers with the port forwarding option enabled. This is no longer working on the PIA side so you will need to switch over to a next gen server. Assuming ca-vancouver.privateinternetaccess.com is the server you are wanting to connect to, simply go into your ovpn config file and change the URL to ca-vancouver.privacy.network. Start the container and monitor the logs--you should see a port get assigned and then, finally, a message saying [info] Deluge Web UI started. WebUI should be accessible now.
  5. Thanks for the most recent update Binhex. I just updated to the latest release and I am happy to have port forwarding back from PIA's CA Toronto next-gen server! It was a rough few weeks there without it.