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  1. It was yes. Managed to sort it, no matter what settings I changed, nothing showed. I re-flashed the BIOS as a last gasp attempt (same version) and now it shows. Very strange (same BIOS version as I had with older versions of UNRAID) Gramlins in the BIOS somewhere I guess?
  2. Anyone else having issues with NVME drives since the 6.9.X releases? ASUS X299 TUF MK2 Motherboard ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 card (2x NVME drives inside this (1x Seagate FireCuda 510 and 1x Sabrent Rocket Q - BOTH detected ok) 1x ADATA 2TB XPG Spectrix S40G (connected direct to the motherboard and is NOT shown in UNRAID since 6.9.x releases....) Anyone know what could cause this? Works fine in Windows, Ubuntu 20.x etc...
  3. EDIT: I was wrong above. To get it back I need to POWER OFF the UNRAID server, then power back on. Simple restarting does not even give me access to the NVME with windows on. So if it crashes, just done it right now, I need to power OFF the server, then back ON and then, and only then, can I access the NVME drive again.
  4. Hi all! Strange issue occurring here. Looking for advice on what info would help diagnose it if you don't mind? System: ASUS X299 Tuf MK 2 Motherboard 128GB DDR4 RAM 1 x 2 TB NVME (connected direct to motherboard) 2 x 2TB NVME drives connected to an ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIE card (2 ports used - 2 free) (connected to x16 port 2 and set to DATA in BIOS) 1 x NVIDIA 3090 (connected to x16 Port 1) 1 x PCIe 10Gbps Intel LAN card 1 x PCIe WiFi/Bluetooth card Symptoms: Windows 10 Pro is installed bare metal on t
  5. The way I done this was to create a new VM with this utility, edit the config, remove the recovery and install disks (left only the open core image for the boot loader) then passed through the whole disk that I already had big sur installed. Worked perfectly...kind of! kind of as I still had issues with the GPU. Powering down the vm would randomly kill the entire unraid server, even letting it sleep would do the same at times. bare metal was perfect.
  6. Ive never been able to get this to work when passing a gpu. In the end I went bare metal, installed it, tweaked it and then used this as a template to create a vm and just passed through the bare metal nvme. I then had issues with the reset bug (rx580) so gave up. Might try again with the old GT710 and see if that works better. Might be worth trying the same? (Install bare metal and then pass through whole drive after you get working)
  7. You’re passing in the BIOS for your GPU yeah?
  8. When you say fresh install, what method did you use? If I create the base with Macinabox and then keep only the Opencore img file to boot, delete other disks and then passthrough the NVME, it will both and work perfect first time with VNC. Then I can change and pass through the 580XT, works fine first time, perfect, very close to bare metal performance. Then as soon as I either restart, or shut down, it's game over. Can't get back into MacOS with the GPU, or even reverting back to VNC! Reproducible each time, every time. Nothing in the logs that looks odd, really stran
  9. Broke again! Passthrough GPU. Works. Shutdown (or restart) VM - can never get display back from GPU. Remove GPU (editing VM template) and switch back to VNC, Guest has not initialised the display error. Nothing obvious in the logs.
  10. The good thing is, it is quick to get back to "square one" 1. Delete the VM 2. Restart Macinabox 3. Run the scripts to generate the VM 4. Edit the VM template 5. Change RAM, CPU, Passthrough NVME and other PCI devices, delete all discs except Opencore (use this to boot) 6. Save changes and run script to fix the XML. 7. Start VM and it is all good. I will pass through the GPU again and see how it behaves.
  11. I returned the 5700XT, now using ASUS AMD DUAL-RX580-O8G Radeon RX 580 OC Edition 8 GB GDDR5 Opencore bootloader (from macinabox) and when using bare metal, also using OpenCore. Not a custom UNRAID, just the latest beta. I spoke too soon as well, after the AMD reset bug I just cannot get the machine working anymore! This was what kept putting me off using UNRAID as my main daily driver, too many times things have just broken with no real reason as to why. I now cannot get any display when passing through the GPU, switched to VNC and it now doesn'
  12. All working! GPU passed through and all nice and smooth. One issue, probably related to the reset bug for AMD GPU's, I just tried to restart MacOS, as you would, and it hung UNRAID and maxed out the allocated CPU's. I seem to remember someone had a way to resolve this, anyone recall?
  13. Thanks, I'm a touch confused still! I guess I need to remove the sub for my NVME disk, as it doesn't show in the disk by ID folder, probably as UNRAID cannot see it due to me stubbing it. I done this for windows installs previously, so UNRAID did not see the NVME. Do I need to do the opposite for MacOS? To confirm, if possible, I would like to passthrough the whole NVME, including the EFI partition (is this even possible?) as that EFI partition has all of my customisations to make macOS Big Sur work on my particular hardware. I am going to be virtu
  14. Question guys, probably a silly one but...bare with me!! I have a fully working Hackintosh, Opencore bare metal install. I would still like to use UNRAID though.....I would assume I should just be able to passthrough the NVME disk as I would with a windows install, yes? I tried using Macinabox, latest version, installed a working BigSur, tested it, all fine. Until I tried to pass through either an RX580 or GT710. Black screen as soon as I tried. It is something funky with my motherboard (ASUS X299 TUF MK II) I am sure, as ended up having to downgrade the
  15. I've given up waiting for now, so just went with a bare metal install., runs like a dream, finally! To use bare metal with Windows 10, I just use the vm template, assign my devices then don't create a vdisk, but select the name to passthrough with anything else. Same for MacOS?