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  1. I followed these instructions and everything else was built
  2. I don't see a github link right now for it. Looks like the only way to get it is to donate to them.
  3. @ich777 Looks like Emperor Server just released a Server Manager for ACC. Would you be creating a container for it? Anyway I can donate for development? The web interface looks similar to ACSM.
  4. @ich777 Have you seen this in the logs for AssettoCorsa? I'm still able to use the container just fine but this always seems to be in the logs after start up of the container:
  5. Hey man just wanted to let you know I got the premium version working with the container you created. Awesome work as always.
  6. Man thanks for the responses. I didn't realize I didn't need to open or start any other files. Do have a question. So I do have the 'premium' version of the AC Server Manager software. When I stop the container, replace the 'server_manager.exe' file and config.yml, restart the container I can no longer get to the web gui internally. My question is if I don't choose 'true' in the container settings for installing the ACSM software, will I be able to just copy it over and kick it off that way? I can also send you that version if it would help to compile. You can't use the 'premium' settings unless you also have a license file in the same folder.
  7. No worries man take your time. You are doing awesome work and I appreciate it.
  8. What do you mean with that? Where did you launch it? Simply double clicking it? Have you got a log for me (on the Docker page click on the icon and select log -> select everything in the log window by pressing CTRL + A and then CTRL + C to copy everything to the clipboard -> open up a text file and press CTRL + V to paste the contents of the clipboard to the text file -> press CTRL + S to save the file -> drop the text file here in the text box). Hey thanks for the prompt reply. The container itself installs just fine and shows 'running'. I assume that I need to open up another file for it to actually run the server. New to even trying to run this type of game server. - I try and launch the 'acserver.exe' file from the appdata folder. - When I try and launch the 'acservermanager.exe' file from the top level 'assettocorsa' appdata folder it says it can't find the 'Aseettocorsa.exe' file in the parent folder. I'm sure I screwed up install somewhere on this. I've posted the log file and screenshot of the top level for AC folder. aclog.txt
  9. Also on the Valheim server, you can setup a 'Cname' and use a 'SRV' to connect instead of typing in an IP. I have it setup that way on cloudflare and it connects to my reverse proxy. So my friends can use 'xx.domain.com' to connect to my Valheim server and not ever need to type in an IP address.
  10. So trying to setup Assetto Corsa dedicated server. I have port forwarding setup correctly as I have other game containers running. I have "Install Assetto-Server-Manager:" to 'true'. If I connect to the web GUI the server doesn't show as 'on' and I can't launch. Also if I launch the 'acserver.exe' it can't connect to the web. Now if I "Install Assetto-Server-Manager:" to 'false' and launch 'acserver.exe' it can connect to the lobby just fine. No idea what I am doing wrong and I'm not against deleting everything and starting fresh. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. So I have MYSQL setup and just installed MYSQL Work Bench. When I try to save a connection it's asking for a 'Default Keyring' password because it's locked. Any idea? I'm new to trying to set up MYSQL and MYSQL Workbench.