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  1. HI Squid, it works for unRaid and CA, but only when I use a manual download option on the server wget or plugin install function,. Than I can download the plugins and update but not direct over the webinterface, nether the CA nor the unRaid OS update.
  2. Hi Squid, I tried this configuration with unRaid 6.9.0 and everything works fine, but with unRaid 6.9.1 and 6.9.2 that doesn't worked for me. Is there something else to change? Tank you very much Best regards Patrick
  3. Hi uniartisan, i have the same isue, but adding the export parameters to the go file does not solve the problem. Is there something else to change or add? Thank you very much Best regards Patrick
  4. Hi, does the export work? I can not connect to the internt from my unRaid server. Patrick
  5. Hi Jos, I have the same issue, but also with with unraid system updates. Did you resolve the problem? Patrick