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  1. Excellent point! I actually wanted UPS to start clean shutdown after 3 minutes not until 3 minutes are left on the battery. Need to adjust the settings.
  2. I do have a power strip with the switch and when I said 'pull the plug' I actually was thinking to use the switch. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Here is a case when the power 'blinked': Feb 25 01:15:16 Tower apcupsd[2162]: Power failure. Feb 25 01:15:18 Tower apcupsd[2162]: Power is back. UPS running on mains. Think I am going to simulate the power failure (with array stopped) and see if running on batteries.
  4. Found this in my log: >> Apr 5 10:29:15 Tower apcupsd[31270]: UPS Self Test switch to battery. Apr 5 10:29:23 Tower apcupsd[31270]: UPS Self Test completed: Not supported << Not sure if I am protected or not. Any comments? Thank you.
  5. Found another instance of the log entries at exact same time one week ago. Must be some settings somewhere but what? >> Feb 7 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[2165]: apcupsd exiting, signal 15 Feb 7 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[2165]: apcupsd shutdown succeeded Feb 7 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[27942]: apcupsd 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware startup succeeded Feb 7 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[27942]: NIS server startup succeeded <<
  6. HI, Does anyone knows why I have these lines in my log? There are no errors before or after: >> Feb 14 03:55:41 Tower kernel: mdcmd (206): spindown 5 Feb 14 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[27942]: apcupsd exiting, signal 15 Feb 14 04:40:01 Tower apcupsd[27942]: apcupsd shutdown succeeded Feb 14 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[14778]: apcupsd 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware startup succeeded Feb 14 04:40:04 Tower apcupsd[14778]: NIS server startup succeeded Feb 14 05:41:50 Tower kernel: mdcmd (207): spindown 2 << Thank you
  7. Yes, thank you. The first I found is "10Gtek Internal PCI Express SAS/SATA HBA RAID Controller Card, LSI SAS2008 Chip, 8-Port 6Gb/s, Same as LSI 9211-8I". Looks this model have an old firmware that require to be updated. Have anyone have experience with this model and how to upgrade the firmware? I appreciate any help. Regards BobNik
  8. Thank you Jorge. Is there a recommended model?
  9. Hi, array of 9 disks (8 data + parity) and cache drive.... The parity just started and within a minute I got a warning that one disk is 'disabled' and parity and the array stopped.. The log (attached) shows lot of read and then write errors. The disk shows healthy and smart diagnostic found no problem but the disk is disabled. Any suggestion how to put it back into the array (new config?) or the disk is not to be trusted and require a replacement? Or any other suggestion please. Regards BobNik log.txt Disk8-smart.txt
  10. Think you have to add new source as 'smb://towerIP/Movies'.
  11. Thanks, docker.img is now moved to the cache disk. After the move I modified Docker vDisk location: /mnt/cache/system/docker/docker.img and Default appdata storage location: /mnt/cache/appdata/ Think that settled it however 'isos' folder is still on data disk and not on share. Any comment?
  12. Hi, have some questions about cache disk and how is set for me. It is probably an easy fix but I just don't see it right now. Quick background: Recently added a cache drive with the idea of keeping the plugins/app there. Before that I installed Community App plugin. Now I see on my data disk: Disk5: Movies Isos system docker docker.img (21.5 GB) and on the share disk: Share: appdata domains system docker libvirt libvirt.img (1.1.GB) I expected to see 'isos'
  13. Hi, i want to consolidate my array of 10 disks (9 data + parity) to 9 (8+1) and introduce a cash disk from one that would be extra. I think the steps are: 1. move data from data disk that would become cash 2. Flash backup 3. Parity sync 4. Stop array 5 .New config; making sure the parity drive is not mixed up, the order for data disks is not important 6. Assign disk from step 1 as new cash disk. 7. start array 8. another parity sync The array should be 8 data disks + 1 parity + 1 cash. Am I missing anything? Thank you
  14. Hi, since my music collection is on Unraid (flacs only) I would like to add MinimServer and MinimWatch there to. Currently have them installed elsewhere and that is far than optimal. Search have not been very fruitful, think few posts couple of years ago with no definite conclusion. As I see there are three possibilities: Option 1: Install docker; well that was not very successful as per search results. Option 2: Install other Linux distro as VM (LinuxMint) and run server from there Option 3: Install on the Cache drive with (.) in front of the folder to prevent night