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  1. Hi, since my music collection is on Unraid (flacs only) I would like to add MinimServer and MinimWatch there to. Currently have them installed elsewhere and that is far than optimal. Search have not been very fruitful, think few posts couple of years ago with no definite conclusion. As I see there are three possibilities: Option 1: Install docker; well that was not very successful as per search results. Option 2: Install other Linux distro as VM (LinuxMint) and run server from there Option 3: Install on the Cache drive with (.) in front of the folder to prevent nightly purge. Would need java installed as docker I guess. Can anyone share their installations(how-to) or recommend one of the options above? Kind Regards BobN
  2. Thank you for the prompt answer.
  3. Greetings everyone, hope all safe and sound..... I was using Unraid from very early days and ver 4.71 until couple of weeks ago when I migrated to 6.8.3 and into the new and modern hardware. No issue with the migration whatsoever. Everything is working fine and I have replaced some old and smaller drives with the new ones. Having one or two 1TB extra drives I s started thinking about the cache disk. Fully aware of the main purpose of cache disk and not being protected by the array but thinking of using the cache disk to install something else....like twonky, or serviio or other media server with sole purpose of serving my music library (flac). Some would recommend Plex but I dont want to supply them with my email/password and not interested in dockers (for the moment anyway). Any comments on using the cache disk for media servers or anything else for that matter? Regards BobN
  4. Hi, Think I have a faulty hardware and my parity is running extremely slow. Waiting for 120 days to complete is not an option :-). GUI is not responsive and I dont want to stop the parity by unplugging the server. Is there are a way to stop (kill) the process and then to stop array, stop disks and gracefully shut down. Putty is working fine and I can connect with no issues. I am still on 4.71 but building new one as we speak. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Bob