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  1. No, its not in my case, I've tried different approaches, no matter what I do I always get 'icloudpd Nothing is being downloaded at this time private db access disabled for this account. Please wait a few minutes then try again. The remote servers might be trying to throttle requests. (ACCESS_DENIED)'. Looks like apple has an issue on their side - for a while I couldn't even view Photos on
  2. It has life-time license options. That might be the solution for me as well, icloudpd is unable to download anything
  3. Here're my diagnostics. I believe message appeared yesterday. I started to notice this happening after I added 'pcie_acs_override=id:1022:43c6' to syslinux configuration. If it would help I can also do a fresh reboot, visit VM settings to get this msg and get new diagnostics.
  4. where do I submit my diagnostic zip? This issue is is harmless, but very annoying