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  1. Hi guys, I'm a fresh Unraid user, built a small server that has been up an running for almost a week now. I had a script to update DNS records for a domain hosted with Namecheap that I customized for the Unraid server I thought I'd share, maybe someone else will find some use from it. It uses the Unraid notification system to send an e-mail on updates and if an error was encountered during the update. I use it in conjunction with the CA User Scripts plugin and have it setup to run every 15 minutes. Requirements (I installed these through Nerd Pack) bind
  2. I experienced the same with the "-m" option, the longer text message does not get displayed in the browser notification, but it does in the e-mail notification. Not sure if that's intended though.
  3. Would just like to add +1 to this feature request. Would be very handy to have
  4. Hello! I'm planning to build my first Unraid server. I've had a QNAP TS-251+ for about four years, but now is the time to make the switch to something custom that I can have full control over. I've bene looking around for about two weeks researching parts and planning my set up. I initially had planned to use an old i5 4670k but I really want to use the Fractal Design Node 304, and finding a mini ITX board with the LGA1150 turned out hard, and quite expensive when I actually could find something. So I think I'm all set on buying new hardware instead. Budget is around $500-600
  5. Great thank you! I only have 4 drives at the moment and shouldn't need more for quite a while. I was initially planning to use an old 120GB SSD I had lying around as a cache. But with this board I can get a M.2 250GB to use as cache and have the other four drives in the SATA connections. Very valuable, thanks! I doubt I'll ever need GPU passthrough. I will be using this as a NAS with a couple of docker containers running some web apps with me as the single user. I probably wont be running any VMs at all, and if I were it would probably just be to spin up an Ubuntu se
  6. Thank you for looking, I couldn't find that through a search an Alibaba, but even if I could the swedish postal office put in some ridiculous import tariffs and taxes for anything from outside the EU. For example, an import of something valued at $200 would cost me an extra $75 in tariffs/taxes so its not really feasible. I did however manage to find a ASUS Z97i-PLUS on the "swedish ebay" that ends in 27 hours. The current bid is about $56 and I looked at some previous ended auctions of that board, and those that ended in a sale went for $100-120 basically. It seems pretty good (a
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, but yeah, the availability is none as far as I've found. There's one on Ebay for about $535 in China which would in total cost me probably about $650 with shipping and import fees, a little steep for me
  8. Hi guys, my first post here. I've been looking looking around for about 2 weeks now for building myself a NAS/home server. At first I was planning on buying new hardware for it but rememberd I had some old stuff laying around from an old desktop build. I have is a Core i5 4670k, some DDR3 1600mhz ram and a MSI GTX 760 4GB Twin Frozr that I was hoping to be able to utilize at least the CPU and the ram to begin with. I'm not looking to do anything crazy with the server to begin with, just as a NAS, and running a couple of web applications but thought maybe the graphics card might com