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  1. I have problems accessing my UNRAID directories with my Mac. As soon as there are more than a handful of files in the UNRAID directory / share it's not possible to read out what's in the directory. I can see the folder / shares on the top level of the directory tree but not what's inside. I get the spinning macOS wheel. The number of files in the directory is around 5000. Nevertheless I can drop files in the directories - and by that copy stuff into the directories (slow as hell). So the main problem seems to be reading the directory with its files via macOS. All this is not happening when I access the directories from my Windows 10 Pro machine. I am pretty sure this is - again - a macOS SMB problem but if anybody can share a workaround or a solution I would be very grateful. PS: Mac runs on Catalina 10.15.7.
  2. I may have some misunderstanding here: I ran the preclear script two times on a 16TB hard drive what took way more than 4 days... After that I clicked format with this unassigned hard drive and chose XFS. Then I stopped the array and added the drive - now 4 drives and one parity drive - and started the array. Now UNRAID preclears the added drive - again. This is the third time... 15 hours to go... Isn't preclearing in advance the way to avoid exactly this procedure because the drive is "marked" as precleared? Do I miss here something or am I doning something here the wrong and stupid way? Can I stop the the third preclearing process. I don't think there is anything happening here with a third procedure...
  3. I am also using the QNAP QXG-10G1T. Don't know why it stopped working. Connections with the integrated NIC are better although it's only 1GB. I will look into your tipps regarding better write speeds.
  4. I solved it! Thanks for the directions! As I wrote I used the config from before - the server wasn't reachable anymore. After a "hard" restart booting Unraid did not work anymore and I "renewed" the unraid files on the USB stick and copied back the config and was getting this strange IP again and again. Well, I switched to the onboard NIC. And everything works again. It seems the 10gb Aquantia card stopped working - I don't know why it does not work anymore. It did before. It doesn't really matter. Since I will move the server to a new Supermicro Case (a dream by the way!) I will replace the card which resides in the PCI x16 slot with a proper LSI SAS/Sata controller which will replace the two Marvel adapters in 2 x1 slots. I will then stick with the onboard NIC or a new 2,5gb Realtek card I bought recently (not sure if unraid has drivers for this). Even with enterprise drives Unraid does not write faster than 80gb/s so a 1 gb card or a 2,5 are sufficient. Thanks for your guys great help - I was starting to get desperate at some point...
  5. Yes it shows: IPv4 address: IPv6 address: not set thor login: Same IP address shows up in the router (Fritzbox).
  6. Partial success... I can boot again up to the login text. However, I can not access Unraid via the web gui and log in... Sigh... Searching the forum again...
  7. Thank you! I hope I can bring the server back to life.
  8. Yes, Germany. It's a pain - now 3kb/s
  9. Maybe a Amazon problem. The download speed with the Unraid creator is sooo slow. 12 kb or even less...
  10. No: AccessDeniedAccess Denied38AEB00CED7F7AACoqxLKgelt1fLT8iTqgSLnSnRE7TWshMf8WLUFNlNppPDiY11T0RNaBKG8uTXVIEXtn/PZggOgMg=
  11. A shutdown messed up my Boot USB Stick and I have do redo it. The USB Creator Tool does not work for me. Download of Unraid takes forever and after finishing I get the message this USB device is not bootable. Is there any Link for a direct download of RC2 available?
  12. There seems to be a problem with MacOS. I am on latest Catalina with all Updates. When I access my media share with around 3700 files I get a spinning wheel and my Mac finder can't list the files. While I can see folders - with some delay - listing files within a folder takes forever - even when there are only 10 files in the folder... This was good with RC1. Accessing Unraid from my windows machine works just fine.