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  1. Followup. Im looking at getting an LSI to replace this. Any way I can be sure this one would work?
  2. Would love any further suggestions. BIOS was updated, no change. Tried all PCIx16 and PCIx1 slots, no change. Pulled the USB 3.1 header, no change. The card and SSD are working as the BIOS can see them. I have no idea why unRaid cant initialize it when it worked fine on my old MOBO.
  3. I just came across this which seems to fit my scenario. I will add this on my list of things to check tonight. TLDR: USB 3.1 front header disables PCIx1_2 and PCIx1_4 TomsHardware
  4. Will a different x16 slot matter? I tried that last night and unRaid fails to boot when installed in x16_1. Pretty much the same logs it just hangs at AHCI controller unavailable. I can for sure try all 6 different PCI slots tonight though. I'll also look at updating the BIOS when I get home.
  5. I migrated my unraid server to a new MOBO/CPU and I'm now having a few issues with a disk attached to my HBA. CPU: Ryzen 2200G MOBO: Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming RAM: 16gb Corsair HBA: I/O CREST 2 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Asmedia ASM1061 Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket SY-PEX40039 Unraid Version 6.6.6 From reading the forums I made sure IOMMU was disabled in the BIOS. If I put the card in to PCIEx16_1 unRaid doesn't boot at all however if it is in PCIEx1_2 unRaid boots and just doesn't see my drive which happens to be a Samsung 840 Evo SSD. Would love any help or suggestions. Logs attached
  6. Thanks. I'll keep looking around. I might just be looking for a new case to migrate my internals too. Currently running a AMD C-60 which works for me needs (SAB, Sonarr, Radarr)
  7. I have outgrown my first server and am looking to upgrade. I don't have massive amount of money to spend so am looking at some used server hardware. I found the following from Tamsolutions on Ebay. Is this server good to go with the latest version of unRaid? Does it support 8tb drives? Chassis Manufacturer: Supermicro Backplane: SAS846TQ rev. 3.1 Motherboard: H8DME-2 Processor: 1X Quad-Core AMD Opteron 1.8GHz 2346 HE RAM: 16GB 8x 2GB RAM Slots: 16 total slots Hard Drive : None # Power Supplies: 2 x 900 W HD Controller: 3x Supermicro SAT2-MV8 IPMI: SIM1U+ with AOC-USB2RJ45 Is there anything you would upgrade? When doing some research the controller seemed hit or miss with 8tb drives (shucked Easy Stores). Thanks for the help!
  8. I do not seem to have the addonupdate in my guisettings. Should I add it? Are you kidding me? Makes no difference, still won't work... If it were that simple, we'd have fixed it, the issue is intermittent, so some people think they have fixed it, but it makes no difference.... Makes plently difference, hasn't seg faulted once since I've made the change. But as I mentioned, I did copy over the Addons20.db from my 16.1 Mac OS X install and then made the change in guisettings. Worked perfect for me! Thanks a ton.
  9. Uhh thousands of people upgrade Windows/OSX probably daily without reading anything about it. Those upgrades handle incompatibility and let the user know about it. I get what you are saying but that was a terrible analogy. Since we now have a button that upgrades in-app I don't think its fair to assume that means people should still know to go read and announcement thread. We have been conditioned that both app and OS updates are virtually seamless for everything nowadays, Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and all the apps within them.
  10. Give us more details of how you've got things setup. Ports & folder mappings for the containers. Kodi-Headless: 8080/tcp <-> /mnt <-> /mnt /config/.kodi <-> /mnt/cache/Apps/Kodi/ In Sonarr, notifications going to: Host: 192.168.133 Post 8084 Username: kodi Password: <blank> Edit: And now its working... Wonder if it took a bit first kodi-headless to initialize? Got me, its working now though, Ill leave my configuration there in case anyone else finds them useful Edit2: And now the requests are failing again... Looking at the logs for kodi-headless it doesnt even seem to be starting. Its having trouble connecting to the db. mysql ( docker): 3306/tcp <-> /config <-> /mnt/cache/Apps/MySQL/ My htpc can connect to it using the same advancedsettings.xml configuration. Edit3: For those of you following along with this cluster, I copied and pasted my advancedsettings.xml fill again (only the DB portion) and kodi-headless booted right up. No idea why or how it was working earlier
  11. Anyone about to get Sonarr or Couchpotato to update this? I keep getting failed. Sorry if its been asked already. I tried to skim the thread.
  12. Im having similar issues here. You might try downloading the Powerdown Package (2.19) plugin so that when you shut down logs of what went wrong are saved.
  13. Anyone have any thoughts? Rebooting my server every week is a PITA
  14. Alright had another crash today/last night. Ive attached my log files (truncated them a bit since it was the same lines repeating 20k times). I have left the beginning and the ending of the repeated lines. NIC info: Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 09) I was slightly behind unraid versions before upgrading. Wish I would have written down which versions I came from but Im curious if this could have anything to do with the firmware changes for Realtek in 6.1.3. Looks like this guy and I might be having the same issues. syslog-20160215-210448.txt
  15. Powerdown is installed an appears to be working correctly. Since I cant http or telnet Ive just been pushing the power button and after coming back online has not had to do a parity check.