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  1. Currently having the exact same issue thought I had messed up somewhere as I was only trying 4k movies and was only standard transcode no HW but then tried 1080p and thats hw transcoding... running i3 10100.... dont know where to go from here
  2. Yeah nothing is flushing mover not invoked, cache is empty Thanks for the help
  3. Hi still on trial for unraid all is great apart from transfer speeds to and from pc... which is obviously quite an issue. Both pc and server are wired via realtek 2.5Gbe to Netgear Nighthawk SX-10. Currently running the beta as its the only one to natively support the realtek lan I would expect over 100MBs reads on the network as my previous NAS netgear Readynas 214 handled it just fine and that was 1Gbe? I have attached some pictures and upload the diagnostics file, any help would be apricated before I take the plunge and buy UPDATE: Reading from the Cache is Fine 200+ MBs and little cpu use, but reading from the array spikes all the cores to near full and is slow around 66MBs