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  1. Did you enable it (right hand side of the config section)?
  2. In general I try to keep updates as seamless as possible, but this was such a big change that was always going to be practically impossible. If v2.0.0 wasn't only released less than 3 weeks ago this would have been labelled v3.0.0, which would have better conveyed the possibility of breaking changes. There shouldn't be any such breaking changes again, at least not in the v2 series.
  3. You also need to make sure you are running the latest version of the docker, there have been several releases since yesterday
  4. You need to click "Update Apps List" in Items list, then you need to go to each item and make sure the correct application type is set.
  5. https://blog.heimdall.site/index.php/2018/11/05/version-2-1-0-the-app-revolution/ https://blog.heimdall.site/index.php/2018/11/06/version-2-1-apocalypse/
  6. Comically late to the party, but I'll throw these in here as a very simple concept. and It's just a simple logo that could be used to brand unraid, with the blocks representing parity, it would work at any size, and would be dead easy to render as a vector. At this point though I'm sure something much better has been designed, it just stuck in my head.
  7. Latest version should fix the nzbget bug. Also master version now opens in a new tab, so it will be in the next version
  8. Not to mention not all our contributors use unRAID, so wouldn't be able to use "Dry Run" when helping out creating templates
  9. I personally would run it again, as I understand it, because unraid runs from RAM, logs don't survive a reboot (or loss of power) so there is no way to tell what the previous preclear indicated, if you really don't want to, you could run a SMART test and if everything in there is OK you will probably be fine, what you wont be able to tell is if there were any changes before the start of the preclear and after which can indicate possible problems. *edit* looking at that smart test there is nothing that stands out to me, but I'm no expert, Current_Pending_Sector and Reallocated_Sector_Ct are 0 though so will probably be ok.
  10. why not use the fan headers on the drive backplane?
  11. That's the cloudflare ip address from the looks of it, so if you have cloudflare ip's blocked... well... good luck with that...
  12. @danioj is it 57mm from the case or from the fan edge? I'm thinking of creating a cardboard tunnel that fits over the fans so I can route wires round the fans without them blocking airflow (there looks to be space above and beneath the fans, so this might give me a bit of extra room to hide cables. Normally I don't think this would be possible due to the USB3 header on the front, but I have already removed that anyway.
  13. LOL I didn't mean it like that, it was quite hard from the pictures to work out what was going on, until I got to the picture which focuses on the cardboard, but even then it's hard to see how it fits against the drive cage (does it just butt up to it?), but I think when I have the case in front of me it will make more sense. I should have the cpu/cooler/case by Wednesday so I will be able to see for myself then, but if it's the same cooler as this: http://www.mihaimatei.com/intel-boxed-cooler-dimensions-1150-1155/ then it should fit in (46mm), though the specs on that state it should be in a space at least 81.3mm in height, so we'll have to see how it gets on. And hey, if it works, why not, my point, if I had a point at all (which I'm not sure I did) is if such a simple thing makes such a big difference, you would think Silverstone would implement it as standard. Anyway, thanks for the help *edit* I've seen on pictures now that it might not be that big an issue with the extra height needed as the CPU cooler should only be partially obstructed over 57mm with the drive cage, but the rest is open air.
  14. So from the looks of it, it's just a bit of cardboard, wonder why the case doesn't come with a skirt built in if it makes that much difference? Anyone know what the height of the stock cooler is, struggling to find the info anywhere, my google fu is on the fritz.
  15. Thanks danioj and dmacias, I'll check the height, and will defintiely check out the skirt mod, thanks.
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