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  1. so when i have a custom IP in BR0 with VPN enabled i cannot access the GUI. if i disable the VPN, i am able to access the GUI. if i use bridge mode i can access the gui but i now have a need to change it to a unique IP address. i've also tried the below commands but it made no change. any advice? whatcha need from me? echo "# force iptable mangle module to load (required for *vpn dockers)" >> /boot/config/go echo "/sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle" >> /boot/config/go and reboot
  2. thank you so very much for this! your instructions work perfect. my 9207-8i did require P14 sas2flash but just noting incase anyone else with a 9207-8i uses this information!
  3. parity drive had write errors. the drive was removed and readded to the array. rebuilding would have been a better way to say it.
  4. just a heads up, I believe ca.mover.tuner caused instability in the parity write during a large extended move (mover was moving and files were being written to cache as fast as it could move, resulting in a "move" run of about 4 hours). I ignored the warning that it was incompatible. I am running 6.9.0-RC1 with multiple cache pools. HDD checked out fine on smart and is happily rebuilding for an hour so far. needless to say, i've uninstalled it until it is updated. I would not recommend running until its sorted.
  5. Log file getting spammed tun: unexpected gso type, was on 6.8.3 - I thought this was resolved?