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  1. You're right, I should have tested that 1st before posting. I just tested and there's no speed difference between encrypted and unencrypted repo. I've tested transferring a file via SSH directly from the Unraid terminal to the same destination and I'm getting full speed. I also tried switching the container network type from bridge to host without success. So I guess it's either something like a Docker limitation on Unraid or Borgmatic slowing down somehow. May I ask what's your transfer speed when doing a local backup to an external hdd? I think
  2. This is probably a question for the Borg community rather than here, but I'm giving it a try. I'm experiencing slow speed backing up to a LAN computer over SSH. I'm getting around 35MB/sec when I should be getting around 110MB/sec. When doing a simple cp command between the 2 machines, I'm getting around 110MB/sec, so it's definitely not related to the network equipment. Could it be that SSH transfers slowly, or borgmatic encryption slows down the process significantly? Both machines indicates low CPU consumption. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your input. What I needed to do was not bothering with /mnt/borg-repository and putting the ssh path in the config file: location: source_directories: - /mnt/user/FOLDER repositories: - USER@ one_file_system: true .....
  4. Thank you for your answer. I understand that's how it works if I would be backing up to an unassigned disk or inside the array, however I'm trying to backup to a remote local machine using ssh. My understanding is that there's no local mount to be set in unraid for that, so I don't really understand which value to put for that path (correct me if I'm wrong). Thanks again 😀
  5. I have the same question. I got SSH working, but I don't know what to put in "Borg Repo (Backup Destination):" to initialize the repo. Did you finally get it working? If so, what was the solution you found? Thanks!
  6. has anyone been able to implement fail2ban with this container? I'm running SWAG as my reverse proxy, and I only see an internal IP address in the logs. This is the only service this is happening. How do I get the real IP address in FreshRSS logs? Thanks!
  7. unfortunately gstreamer isn't supported in the nightly version. are you guys able to replaygain flac files with anything else other than gstreamer? it's not working for me if I try command or audiotools (tags don't contain replaygain values).
  8. I don't see an Njalla template in the config file, though it's supposed to be supported according to the documentation. Has anyone been able to make it work with Njalla and would be kind enough to share their configs? Thanks!
  9. Hello there, I just restarted my server and upon restarting the array I can't connect to any VMs anymore. I get the error message "Failed to connect to server". I tried using VNC Viewer on my desktop and I also get an error message. The VMs seems to start, but I just can't connect. I tried rebooting multiple times, creating a new VM, and I'm still getting this error. I then tried updating to Unraid 6.9.2 and the issue still persist. I'm totally lost as the VMs were working just before the reboot. Anyone would have an insight as to why it suddently stopped working? Here'
  10. Was anyone able to make it work with Gotenberg for Office documents? I can't seem to make the thecodingmachine container work on Unraid, for some reason (though I'm very new to docker).
  11. Anyone knows where the authentication log is for this app to point fail2ban to?
  12. Sorry for the late reply, just got myself some time to test this again tonight. It's not working either. Has anyone got multiple Sonarr or Radarr instances successfully passed through this container without them all defaulting to the same port? (8989 and 8989, for example).
  13. Did you finally found out why file names/paths are truncated? It also happens to me, and can be very annoying to find the exact file which is "supposed" to be corrupted.
  14. let's say I'd like to add vorbis transcoding with oggenc for gapless transcoding, does anyone knows in which folder I'd need to put the oggenc file?
  15. thank you for your reply, no they are not.