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  1. New install here, i am also getting bootloops with BigSur. I can get Catalina to work though. Any solution to this yet?
  2. Ah i see, yes that worked! Thank you so much for the help!:-)
  3. Yeah sorry never mind, it was working without any further configuration. I can reach other devices on the subnet and my containers running as bridge/host. But as soon as I turn on the subnet routing I can’t seem to be able the reach my Pi-Hole container. It’s configured with its own ip on that subnet. But I suspect it clashes somehow? I have another network card on the way though which I was planning on using mostly for the Pihole container. Hopefully that might help the situation. If anybody else has gotten Pi-Hole and this container to work when both are hosted on Unraid, I’m all ears!
  4. I've been trying to get subnet relay to work, have added a flag with --advertise-routes= (This is the subnet my unraid box is on). And it shows up in the tailscale dashboard, but after i have enabled it i can't ping any of my devices on that subnet. Did you have to change any other settings in Unraid to get it working?