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  1. My system recently crashed and I copied the syslog before the crash happened so hopefully someone can tell me why this is occurring randomly ? Thank you! unraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtfunraid_crash_2_15.rtf
  2. I put the drives back but 2 of them still show unsupported Did I lose those 2 drives? Thanks! oohwee-diagnostics-20220120-1830.zip
  3. Thank you, I've adjust my mem settings and started to write the syslog
  4. I just shucked 5 of my drives and put them in a yottamaster device. Now the drives are name JMicron_GenericDisk01 and it says unmountable: Unsupported partition layout. Before I shucked these drives they worked as part of my xfs raid working with USB connections. Is there anything I can do, I do not want to lose the data. Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure why but my server will randomly become unresponsive within a week or 2 and I have to hold the power button down. All dockers and shares are not working, monitor will display a black screen. I've attached a recent diag file, please let me know if there is anything else I can provide or answer. Thank you! JB oohwee-diagnostics-20220120-0921.zip
  6. Do I need to replace my 1TB SANDISK_SSD due to the error or is it okay to run this as my cache drive? Thanks! SMART Extended Comprehensive Error Log Structure error: invalid SMART checksum. Error 27167 [63] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 61166 hours (2548 days + 14 hours) When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was in an unknown state. Attached Diags in zip tower-diagnostics-20201212-1333.zip