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  1. I believe I may have solved my previous question: I had added another SSD via USB to replace a failing unassigned drive. I had never rebooted the system and the array was working. During this process, I rebooted and the array would not start; this USB SSD had exceeded my license key! I upgraded to an unlimited license and was then able to use unBALANCE to move data.
  2. Hey There! I have seen this question multiple time in this forum, yet it has never been definitively answered in the two years that it keep popping up. unBALANCE is stating: unBALANCE needs exclusive access to disks, so disable mover and/or any dockers that write to disks, before running it. Also note that transfer speed may be affected by disk health. I have disabled dockers and cannot "scatter" a drive that I wish to upgrade. The options are all grayed out (plan, move, copy). There is no option to disable mover. Any ideas how to proceed? Previous (unsolved questions) from this and other forums: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/43651-plug-in-unbalance/page/62/ https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/umnwxo/unbalance_not_workingloading/
  3. Just to add to this a bit further - I am running both 4TB ST4000VN008 and 8TB ST8000VN004 Ironwolf drives. I have not had a single error on my (5) 4 TB drives since I started my build about ~5 months ago. As soon as I added an 8TB Ironwolf to my array, the errors started. One more thing I find interesting is that I swapped in an 8TB Ironwolf to my parity ~6 weeks ago and have no errors on that drive located in my parity. I am not sure why the parity drive behaves differently. I disabled EPC and low power spin up on all the 8TB drives (parity and array) and left the 4TB as is.
  4. I just wanted to give a quick THANK YOU for this post. I was receiving multiple errors when my 8TB Ironwolf drive would spin up. I went through cables, relocating on the controller, and finally trying a new 8TB Ironwolf drive. The issue persisted through all of my measures. Digging a bit deeper, I found this post. I tried the SeaChest commands and the spin up errors are resolved. For anyone else forum searching, here is the syslog output anytime a drive would spin up (sometimes with read errors in unraid, sometimes no read errors as in the example below): Apr 17 11:03:37 Tower emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sdc Apr 17 11:03:53 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:1:0: attempting task abort!scmd(0x000000009175e648), outstanding for 15282 ms & timeout 15000 ms Apr 17 11:03:53 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:1:0: [sdc] tag#1097 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 e3 00 Apr 17 11:03:53 Tower kernel: scsi target7:0:1: handle(0x0009), sas_address(0x4433221101000000), phy(1) Apr 17 11:03:53 Tower kernel: scsi target7:0:1: enclosure logical id(0x5c81f660d1f49300), slot(2) Apr 17 11:03:56 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:1:0: task abort: SUCCESS scmd(0x000000009175e648) Apr 17 11:03:56 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc After disabling low current and EPC, here is the result of spinning up the same drives (no errors!): Apr 17 12:08:42 Tower emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sdc Apr 17 12:08:51 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc