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  1. So how exactly do I install nodejs and npm for jupyterlab? I assume it has to do with the "Packages" field but adding "nodejs npm" doesnt do anything....
  2. Ok so I figured this out.... If you happen to connect via the official TorGuard desktop app it seems to change how TorGuard generates wireguard configs. Specifically the allowedips line in wg0.conf, TorGuard may generate: AllowedIPs =, While binhex seems to only want: AllowedIPs = After correcting this I was able to once again connect without issue. I also switched to the official wireguard desktop app and that does not seem to cause config generator issues anymore.
  3. So I am not able to get torguard working via wireguard. I have generated a known good config that works on my phone via lte and on my desktop. It does not work with this docker however. Watching the log in debug mode it reads "Having issues resolving name ''" Keeps trying for x times then just fails. Connecting to the console of this docker, I cannot ping the dns and thus cant get any name resolution. At this point it attempts to get the vpn public IP but fails as it can resolve any address. Thus far I've completely removed docker and reinstalled it, completely removed deluge and reinstalled it... Any ideas of what I can try?
  4. So I've been trying to get a fivem server up using your docker. It installs and boots fine, but if I attempt to add any resource assets I get a could not make hard link error. The odd thing is that I am able to connect to the docker and make said link manually, but fivem doesnt see it? Anyone else have any idea how to fix this? A quick google seems to show that I'm not the only one out there with beef.