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  1. Hi, I created a Windows 10 VM last month, but, I cannot get the sound to work. I've installed all drivers and tested the speakers on a separate system and work fine. What am I missing? I also have a blue-ray drive that I can't seem to link/get working? Any/all help is appreciated? Also: What's the best/easiest way to auto-backup unRAID and the VM? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm having a major issue! While working I was disconnected from the internet on my Windows 10 VM. I rebooted the VM from within the VM and still no internet. I checked the network connections and it states 'unidentified network'. I checked the ipconfig settings through Command Prompt and it states there is no default gateway! I have tried accessing the web GUI from the VM and from a laptop but obviously, I can't access it. Any ideas on how to solve this major problem? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, for your help! How can I prevent the VM from sleeping?
  4. I've watched @SpaceInvaderOne's Youtube videos (thanks btw) for installing a Windows 10 VM and I don't see the multi-tick boxes for the 'Logical CPUs'. What am I doing wrong? - The VM is for an Office/gaming machine. - I will another 8GB Windows 10 VM after to test software at a later date. Screenshot below/attached: Thank you for your help
  5. VM etc is all working now but when it rebooted it went to 'Automatic Repair' and Windows 10 doesn't want to start. The only difference is the increased RAM - from 8GB to 16GB. The server has 32GB now. All working! All I need to do is create a backup ISO.
  6. Thanks, for responding! I'm following SpaceInvader One's guide to setup my Windows 10 VM but I cannot figure out how to display Windows 10 on the connected screen without a graphics card.  Is it possible? If so, how, what am I missing??
  7. I've noticed a huge issue appear: Any idea how to find out whats going on?
  8. Yes I can't ping in or out. Almost as if there is no IP/etc? Update The log states
  9. Since the upgrade, I can no longer access unraid via web GUI, nor via any other machine.
  10. This is exactly my issue at the moment. I've downloaded multiple copies of the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and none boot? The log doesn't really provide any help either. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. I''m receiving errors: All disks are missing... How can I check that the hard drives are connected properly, or should I use 'New Config'?
  12. Network cable was in the IPMI port 🙄 How do I check if all of the drives are in their correct locations? My Brother took the machine apart to fast and neither of us photographed the drive locations, doh! They have stickers on them with drive serials etc.
  13. You're gonna need a monitor or configure your router to use the new mac address of the server and old ip address. Could try IPMI console too by connecting to the ip address of the bmc. Luckily, it's all plugged into a monitor etc
  14. The server is up and running but I can't access it via folders or the GUI. Any ideas?
  15. I have purchased the X10SLH-F motherboard as advised - £196.94 Thanks for your help! Now to sell everything that I no longer require.
  16. I have 8x 3.5" drives and 1x SSD. I need the graphics card for a VM/Gaming.
  17. Is the X10SLH-F the best board for my requirements as I don't want to upgrade anything that I don't have too
  18. I have bought the CS380 case, hence my problems lol I hope that is the case! Thank you I will investigate this
  19. I will try this tomorrow and I'll build upwards. I think this is the issue. I put the PSU in an old media center and everything started up, whereas, it wouldn't in my new case. - Do you have any suggestions for a new motherboard as I require two PCI slots now. 1 for the RAID card 1 for the Graphics card Thanks
  20. The part transfer has been completed and now it doesn't start lol. The motherboard's LED lights are flashing and the fans turn on, but they all turn off within ten seconds. Any ideas?
  21. My case has arrived Are there any other mods that I should do?
  22. I've bought the Sapphire Nitro+ 580 for £132.05 and the CS380 for £121.49