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  1. Wanted do add the drive to the array, now data rebuild is active, so the hdd willl be rebuilded ... , almost sure, that teher was a better/easier way..but good to know, that t unraid runs like this!!
  2. I have the eact same probelm...after a wrong contact of the sata plaug one of my array devices ist showed up in unassigned devices has the red x @itimpi asked before in this thread. heres my diagnostic file...hope someone can help me out...sorry for my english and thanks in advance
  3. I did a restore of an backup. my NExtcloud is running now.. but thank you anyway...just tested the maintenance mode in the terminal and it works!
  4. I run into the "update in procress" Problem while the last update.. tried to stop the maintenance via ssh with no succes..i did it bei editing the config.php. i^ve tried do do start tzhe update manual, like on the first page in this thread...but still have problems: docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar sh: docker: not found docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --on sh: docker: not found I guess the best idea would be an backup restore...i've found them but don't know how to do it..totally noob..
  5. Solved the problem with support from a member in the emby forum: Sorry for asking here these noob question...was very easy to downgrade Thanks a lot @trusselo from the Emby forum!
  6. Hi..since yesterday i have a problem with login as admin. I had never to login with password on the local network, since yesterday i can't login (forgot my password) tried to reset that, but does not work with an empty password field after the reset via pin. Also the generating of this txt file does not work every time, can't find any solution. Login with other users works, but they have no admin rights...any idea or tipps? is it's possible to downgrade the version?
  7. @Jayg37 Thanks a lot for this! I got now the ID of my stick (flashed by myself, as i ordered a set with a cc debugger). I just tested it yesterday with ZHA, but after 10 minutes the stick is not available anymore, think this is because of not 100% supported in ZHA, will test it in zigbee2mqtt. I also ordered a conbee stick, which should work better and support more than 20 devices.
  8. I'm running hassio on a vm and would like to have zigbee with an cc2531 flashed stick. i can attach the stick in the edit part of the can i find now the stick id in HA? i can't find the hardware section in supervisor?
  9. I'm on the 6.9. - RC 2 and just read the info : Please remove Unassigned Devices first before upgrading to 6.9-rc1 and then re-install via Community Apps. But i allready updatet to the RC2 without remove/install UD.. can i do this now or is it to late? Sorry for my english and this question..didn't found an answer here.