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  1. That did it THANKS! I used the mac app to recreate the USB boot disk and back up running!
  2. I ran the upgrade test prior to upgrade and all passed. Ran the upgrade and rebooted. Now in a loop of starting then going back to bios start. biz starts but goes by so quick prior to failure I cannot see an error.
  3. Has anyone come up with a good solution for capturing Unifi Video camera motion events? MQTT would be preferable.
  4. I have a NVME SSD and it for the last year and worked great, till about 3 months ago, on a power off it does not come up on most boots under unassigned devices. I have an AMD processor and an ASRock AB350 Pro4. Is anyone else having issues with NVME disks not being found?
  5. An¥ chant to upgrade to 5.10.25?
  6. I am having the same issue with an Ubuntu VM. Had been working fine for a couple of months on 6.6. Upgraded to 6.7 yesterday and now crashes within an hour with same error message.
  7. How do I move back to 6.6.6? After upgrading tp 6.6.7 VM is crashing. tower-diagnostics-20190305-0858.zip
  8. I just upgraded to 6.6.7, and now getting VM crashing or failing to start with the following error. internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: sh: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable qemu: pthread_create: Resource temporarily unavailable
  9. I am running Unify video recorder, that is using a lot of space on that image. I need to limit the amount of stored recordings, I guess.
  10. I got it working, found a network issue! Thanks for the quick reply!!!
  11. Something happened this morning and I cannot connect to unread via the web. I have attached my diagnostics file. I can login to console fine. tower-diagnostics-20181125-1057.zip
  12. The logs say the docker has started but the web ui does not launch. 2018-09-22 16:17:11.963238 INFO AppDaemon: Loading Plugin HASS using class HassPlugin from module hassplugin 2018-09-22 16:17:12.025949 INFO AppDaemon: HASS: HASS Plugin Initializing 2018-09-22 16:17:12.027045 INFO AppDaemon: HASS: HASS Plugin initialization complete 2018-09-22 16:17:12.027933 INFO Dashboards are disabled 2018-09-22 16:17:12.028271 INFO API is disabled 2018-09-22 16:17:12.139871 INFO AppDaemon: HASS: Connected to Home Assistant 0.78.2 2018-09-22 16:17:13.477726 INFO AppDaemon: Got initial state from namespace default 2018-09-22 16:17:14.411105 INFO AppDaemon: Reading config 2018-09-22 16:17:14.421794 INFO AppDaemon: /conf/apps/apps.yaml added or modified 2018-09-22 16:17:14.422239 INFO AppDaemon: /conf/apps/apps.yaml added or modified 2018-09-22 16:17:14.422697 INFO AppDaemon: App 'hello_world' added 2018-09-22 16:17:14.424687 INFO AppDaemon: Adding /conf/apps to module import path 2018-09-22 16:17:14.427733 INFO AppDaemon: Loading App Module: /conf/apps/hello.py 2018-09-22 16:17:14.474109 INFO AppDaemon: Initializing app hello_world using class HelloWorld from module hello 2018-09-22 16:17:14.760391 INFO hello_world: Hello from AppDaemon 2018-09-22 16:17:14.763923 INFO hello_world: You are now ready to run Apps! 2018-09-22 16:17:14.765986 INFO AppDaemon: App initialization complete
  13. I have an instance that is running on a Rasp Pi that I have been able to backup and restore to a 3rd system on a OSX MAC several times. I think that there is a permission issue, but not sure where to look.
  14. I am trying to restore a DB from another Domoticz install and getting the following error in the logs: 2017-11-14 09:00:02.684 Error: Restore Database: Could not open backup file for writing!