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  1. I cannot seen to get a camera configured in the demo version. Is that possible?
  2. I tired it a few times, one was tmimacnew I think.
  3. I have tried to start a new share. Share is not created and main window says "starting services" and never quits. Tried a reboot same issue. I have attached diagnostics file. Thanks, Randy tower-diagnostics-20210417-1017.zip
  4. Same here, Once I updated to Big Sur I can no longer use Time Machine on any of my Macs.
  5. He has been a great help to me!! Thanks SpaceInvader! What was the docker that you were going to release?
  6. That did it THANKS! I used the mac app to recreate the USB boot disk and back up running!
  7. I ran the upgrade test prior to upgrade and all passed. Ran the upgrade and rebooted. Now in a loop of starting then going back to bios start. biz starts but goes by so quick prior to failure I cannot see an error.
  8. Has anyone come up with a good solution for capturing Unifi Video camera motion events? MQTT would be preferable.
  9. I have a NVME SSD and it for the last year and worked great, till about 3 months ago, on a power off it does not come up on most boots under unassigned devices. I have an AMD processor and an ASRock AB350 Pro4. Is anyone else having issues with NVME disks not being found?
  10. An¥ chant to upgrade to 5.10.25?
  11. I am having the same issue with an Ubuntu VM. Had been working fine for a couple of months on 6.6. Upgraded to 6.7 yesterday and now crashes within an hour with same error message.
  12. How do I move back to 6.6.6? After upgrading tp 6.6.7 VM is crashing. tower-diagnostics-20190305-0858.zip
  13. I just upgraded to 6.6.7, and now getting VM crashing or failing to start with the following error. internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: sh: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable qemu: pthread_create: Resource temporarily unavailable