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  1. same here on 6.9.0 rc2. For no apparent reason. 1 VM win 10 was running at the time. Stop-star of array fixed it, which is logical as SMB get's also stopped...
  2. I have the same problem (1 year later ;]). I'm using pfsense 2.5 and Unraid 6.9.0-rc2. I have a lot of PCIE NIC's that I passthrough to VM and that works fine. But I have problem if virtual interface, virtio-net is not detected by pfsense. Did you find solution to this problem ? I plan to use pfsense inside Unraid and have pfsense interface via virtual NIC.
  3. What do you want to do ? WIth headless and it's web ui you can do pretty much all. ANd you don't need any additional client turned on 24/7. As VM/Docker it's light efficient and can do same as normal client except watching videos...
  4. It seems we are looking for the same things... Tell me do you still use unraid ? If yes, still with KSM enabled ? No issues ?
  5. I'm atempting simillar thing. So host is Unraid that is also data server with smb, nfs, etc, dockers - classic unraid use. pfSense VM (Q35 5.1/OVMF, Primary disk SATA) with 2 ports of PCI-E NIC passed. Port 1 WAN 10G fible kind of gpon thing Port 2 LAN 10G that goes to switch (typical solution with Vlans for vatious networks etc...) So at this point no problems, works as it should. For second part I wanted to use virtual NIC (virtio-net) as interface to Unraid to other VM's and for Unraid itself. Or at least jus
  6. I see it differently. If this is second most common option that people use after MOUNT. It should be there... well opinions. Also for USB drive for example it could be always on. But then if you do this for USB and not for other it means you already reserved the space that you don't use in some cases. Anyway would prefere to have it.
  7. I never had any issues with Kodi for years. I avoid different versions on my boxes. Same database since years now. All watched /unwatched /started stuff is there. I can't imagine to change platform at this point and clean the database. I like presentation and I have my favorite skin. Subtitle download plugins are a must for me. Today all my clients are on android tv boxes. I'm not sure if other solution will provide all that I got used to and I need. Also with plex I'm not sure if I'll get all the quality I need. As far as I underst it does transcoding for all streams. I'm huge aud
  8. I was not yet on the level of using plugins. I did not make the connection. Now it works fine. It detects and shows USB dives dynamically and I can mount them + share them. Anyway I see on some older screenshots that there is share switch on main mage, that is not beeing moved inside advanced settings for the drive. It's shame, I think it's common use case and deserves to be directly in Main.
  9. I stand "haf-corrected". After going deeper into discussions there it seems some work is happening behind the doors. And that is why "half". There was nothing published since about a year. So it does not look like it's beeing maintained from user perspective. Do I need something from 18.9 ? Yes all. Headless server in my case is (as in most I guess) used to scan media, update database and download all what's needed for proper looks on clients. Since it's not the only device that scans and updates database and there are differences in this part between versions, I prefere to
  10. So, it was a network card in PCIE slot 1. Small cheap 2,5G network based on realtek. I tried in different ports - same hardware layer error flood, only with different address - different Express Root Port. What's interesting it is not showing errors until network cable is plugged, then it goes off like a avalanche. What's funny when log is open it is communicating via this card to server to show log, so more log output I see, more faults are generated.... To the point that unraid webui gets super slow... Fortunately this card will not be kept in future server, it's tempora
  11. I got plenty of same errors except my device is different => device [8086:6f0a]. That translates to Xeon E7 v4/Xeon E5 v4/Xeon E3 v4/Xeon D PCI Express Root Port 3. So machine is stable under windows server, windows 10. All devices are functioning like a charm. I don't see any freezes in Unraid - at least web UI is working fine. All seems to be ok. But it's flooding log with those errors. Anyone knows why ? And how to fix it ?
  12. Anyone figured this out ? How to make function keys wotking ? F keys do some weird stuff like F3 instead of view it selects/deselects all files. Is that browser issue ?
  13. It does not seem that it is. Release is few verions behing current Kodi. Last comment/issue is from mach (almost a year ago) and last commit is from over a year ago. That's why I asked this question. Maybe I'm missing something ? :-/