How to use MC on Terminal via WebUI on Chrome

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On 6/30/2018 at 5:49 PM, HPatel027 said:

how to use mc on chrome

mc is the program named Midnight Commander This is a pseudo command-line GUI, somehow similar with Total Commander, Free Commander and so on from Windows.

To start the mc from your browser:

1. Login first to the unRaid Web UI

2. Start a Terminal session


3. Type into the webterminal window opened as pop-up mc and hit Enter


4. Now you are in Midnight Commander

With mc you have full access to the whole heart of the unRaid, hoever to avoid any damage (if you have no experience with Linux shell) my recommandation is to use ony the /mnt folder, where your unraid array and disks are mounted.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that you may only copy data from disk to disk or share to share, never copy disk to share or share to disk, as this my lead to massive data corruption.



/mnt/cache - the cache disk(s), if you have

/mnt/disk1 to /mnt/diskX- the physical disks from your array

/mnt/disks - the unassigned disks to the array, if are mounted via Unassigned Devices plugin

/mnt/user - the shares from all disks in array + cache disk(s)

/mnt/user0 - the shares from all disks in array, without cache disk(s)


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What's the trick to using the F-keys from webterminal? I can't seem to make anything work but the arrow and tab keys. 





Edit: Never mind I figured it out. I was remoting from work to my home PC and launching webterminal. That won't work. F-keys get lost in the translation.

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So i still don't know how to use it guys.


I've got mc open in terminal.

I've got a file that I need to remove.

None of the keys do anything apart from f8 and that tells me Cannot stat "file.xml" Structure needs cleaning.


Even just an explanation of how to launch the help would be awesome. (If it has a list of commands)

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