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  1. Any help on Traccar on here? I've downloaded and set it up using traccar.xml but when I start the docker I get: Execution error Server error
  2. Having a few teething problems with this guide: 1. On a server restart or array restart the mount it says the secure folder already exist If I delete the folder Gmerged/secure/secure its starts correctly - it seems like i've got another 'secure' folder in the secure folder - both have movies, downloads etc in them 2. Radarr and sonarr aredownloading the files ok but are not exporting them out the queue - they seem to be being put in the secure folder in the secure folder. Mount script settings are # REQUIRED SETTINGS RcloneRemoteName="secure"
  3. Thanks for letting me know - already tried it by the time the message came through. Might end up running the link through a switch - seemed a bit pointless as they are next to each other.
  4. Single port without bonding doesn't work either - detecting cables plugged in but can't ping. I'm going to make up a crossover cable just to test - Spec sheets say both Nics can use normal cabling but I'll test it to rule it out.
  5. Not yet - will try tomorrow and post the results
  6. It will only let me choose active-backup (1) - If i trie to alter it it defaults back to it. Should it be on something else? Ports are showing up as up and connected in Windows team. Teams is set up with the default additional settings: Switch Independent,Dynamic, Standby:none
  7. I have a 4 port Nic in and one in a windows server PC - Is it possible to setup team/bonds directly betweeen the 2 computers without a switch? I've tried bonding on the unraid side with ip and setting up teams on the windows server with ip but this doesn't seem to work - is it possible?
  8. Hi - I've just recieved 2 new hard drives (8TB each) and wondering the best way to incoperate them in my server, I've only been using Unraid since the start of the year so still getting my head around it - I'm on Unraid Plus. Some of the drives are starting to get old and I would prefer to reduce the number of drives in the server. All drives have 2 backups on different servers. I use the server for for media and a few VMs so don't really want to rebuild the whole system Originally I was going to remove a 2TB, 3TB and a 3TB drive and replace it with 1 8TB a
  9. Quick Question - Is it possible to have 2 unraid servers using the same google account at the same time or will it cause problems? Also would you just use the same config file/scripts on each?
  10. Just tried this myself (new unraid user) and keep losing settings, will this be fixed or is it best trying the docker?