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  1. My syslog file in /var/log/syslog has the following error message: Mar 14 11:21:39 urus kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0c:00.0: BAR 1: can't reserve [mem 0xb0000000-0xbfffffff 64bit pref] It repeats this error so many times that upon restart and/or boot up i get a warning notification that something is wrong with my server and the 'log' scale in the Dashboard/memory is red @ 100%. Oh, and the size of the syslog file is 126MB with the repetion of that one line above 0c:00:0 is my Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti which i have binded to vfio via the tools/system devices page as I have to use
  2. Initially the two VMs that I had dissapeared after i typed 'libvirtd' into the console. Did a reboot and the VM's are back. So im guessing the service is running. Have not had a chance to try the virt manager again yet.
  3. Tried to use the virt manager docker as im having no luck with VMs on unraid & i got a error sayin that virtmanager could not detect the libvirtd service... and indeed : How do I sort this? Thanks.
  4. can you expand on the "access console, modify /macinabox/" bit cheers
  5. Ah right. I think the longest cable i would need would be about 8m to the AMP. There is the option to put the server closer to the AMP but that would involve some moving about of furniture etc. something to think about i suppose. For now though just trying to get a little idea of what sort of spec would suffice for the client.
  6. Could you elaborate on this please. Thanks.
  7. So Im setting up an unraid server with a Ryzen 3700x and an Radeon 5700xt. I want to use it mainly for storage and back up but want to get into the world of VMs and Gaming from the Unraid server and just learn more about what i can do with Unraid. Flight Sim and a bit of F1 is about all my gaming interest. If i have understood the various post and videos corectly I would need to 'passthrough' to the GPU for gaming to be playable. Is this correct? The other question that I then have is how good/what spec [cpu/ram/gpu] realisticly does the client machine
  8. Ok, so i have just found in my box of pc components an i7 -2700k CPU, sandy bridge. Bit long in the tooth or not?
  9. Thanks for your reply Zonediver. I suppose I could sell the MOBO then and go Intel for unraid. Whats the minimum intel generation i should stick with - Coffee lake .. or newer than that? 12 WD drives eh lol.. nice.
  10. Hi all, First post here so here goes... Currently have an Asustor 2 bay nas which is about to run out of space so need to upgrade. Been interested in building my own server and came across Unraid whilst looking at Freenas - and now I just want an Unraid server. So i need some help with spec: The server will be used 75% for file storage and back up, the rest of it i want to use for streaming media and then to just 'explore' what i can do with an Unraid server.. play with VMs and VPNs and whatever else it will allow me to do. Re spec: I have already in m