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  1. Thank you for your reply. The parity disk is a 3.5 inch wd external disk and connect by usb 3.0. The cach disk is add a month ago. I will try your tip.
  2. I have always had a question: doesn't parity disk work once a month for parity check? Why is its temperature so high all the time? Unraid is basically the default setting, without any special operations.
  3. Sorry, I cannot provide a screenshot of the docker page of unraid gui at the moment. Only "the docker service failed to start" on the docker page, and there is no button to stop or add a new docker.
  4. I unplugged its network cable for 3 days. Today I have time, I downgraded it to 6.8.3, and then upgraded to 6.9.2. Now the docker server cannot be started and I don't know how to operate it. What do you think should be done next?
  5. Thank you very much for following up on my question and for always giving back. But now the server seems to have a lot of trouble, so that it is impossible to give a direct solution through a diagnosis log. Here I want to change the way to solve the problem: If I want to reinstall unraid, I hope to keep the data in docker and the hard disk. Is there any operation guide?
  6. 收到,回头618我看看如一块固态试试看。
  7. 你好,我现在是没有设置cache盘,请问如果想设一个,如何把openwrt和vm 系统放去cache呢? 它是自己自动的么?是否需要其他操作?
  8. Hello , This is my unraid system log information. I don't know what caused this error? Please help guide how to solve it. unraid 6.9.1 Well, things turned out to be not that complicated. Ultimately by the official usb creator tool, I refresh the system again, and removed all docker, all the problems are gone.
  9. 你好,我的确也是网上下载了一个openwrt的rom 做vm,但是我不大清楚openwrt官网那些下载目录意思,到底啥差别,所以一直没试过官方版本的rom,方便的话还请给点提示。 目前我的日志上面倒是看不见外部链接了,但是时常smbd这个报错一直,不知道是不是之前的遗留,cpu load 目前看还算稳定,我关闭了smb中一个wsd这个功能,就没有再遇到一个cpu一直被占。 只是我的校验盘一直每天会定时不知道什么导致它温度过高,目前日志中就剩这个smbd这个错误了。
  10. 之前一直没有注意,直到昨日发现一直有一个cpu是 100%的负荷,今天查验发现log一直有未知的远程连接: 我刚刚才关闭ssh 以及telnet服务。我现在有以下问题: 1、接下来我该如何进行更多安全操作呢? 2、我如何查找nas是否有被安装什么?或读取了什么? 3、如何查找对方是通过何种方法查找到我的呢?