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  1. I currently am running Proxmox with Unraid as a VM within my homelab setup. And my current MB is an AsRock E3C224D4I-14S which works fairly well. And I really like this MB in that has 2 onboard SAS connectors that I could configure into a JBOD in using with Unraid. But the only limitation about my current MB is the 32MB max RAM it supports. So I'm looking/planning for my next future build and hoping to find a very similar board, one with onboard SAS but supports 128MB or larger ram. Does anyone have any recommendations of any out there?
  2. I am working to move my VM's and containers from Proxmox over to Unraid, mainly to make better use of docker. And I am trying to get a cards against humanity docker clone from here installed but get an out of memory error when the script runs? I did have this working as a VM in ubuntu server in proxmox, so pretty sure its not a memory issue. I do have 32GB of memory in the machine also. and the error i get is: root@UnRaid:/mnt/appdata/cah# ./scripts/ ✔ Node version OK ./scripts/ line 13: npm: com
  3. No I do not. just the qcow2 file. I was originally on vmware esxi and have older backs up the vmdx vm's from there that i had used in moving them and converting for proxmox. So I may be able to get the Win10 machines going from those. But have not given that a try yet. In my older vmware backups, there is both the vmdk and the vmdk-flat files. The flat file is the larger xxGB file
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I don't have access to the proxmox VM anymore, and only have the qcow2 file. And I don't think its as simple as just editing the xml and changing the disk to point that file? I did try that and get an unbootable disk error.
  5. I am finally getting my system back up and running, and now trying to move a Windows10 VM from Proxmox over to Unraid. From what I remember (had an earlier system crash issue), I had converted the Proxmox image over to qcow2, and have that file. I'm just not sure what steps I need to take to use that file. Do I just copy that file over to the VM's folder location and then edit the xml to point to that file? I'm not even sure where to locate the xml file as I when I go to edit the VM, it opens up the parameters in the unraid GUI.
  6. OK, Thanks I'm hoping nothing is wrong with the Parity Drive, but I just checked on it and its showing an Input/output error. It shows dd: error reading '/dev/sdb' : Input/output error 5429+1 records in 5429+1 records out It copied roughly 500GB of the 4TB drive. I don't think this is normal and should expect it to be copying over the full 4TB? The other 2 data disks went well. But unsure if the parity copy failed or not. If the Parity failed, I could possible attempt to recover my 3rd data disk, and then start the parity from scratch
  7. Thank you for the instructions. I hope to report back sometime tomorrow or next day with some success. But a question I'm hoping someone can confirm. Can you actually mount the parity disk outside of the array? For my first 2 data disks that I was able to recover after a bios chip swap on the hard drive PCB boards. I have confirmed I could see the drive in the motherboard bios, and then also successfully mounted the drive in unraid (command line) to see its data. Then unmounted that drive and copied the data over new HDs. For the parity drive,
  8. So i'm getting closer here and could possible use some instruction on getting back up and running. To summarize, I originally had a 1 Parity, 3 Data drive setup, all with 4TB drives. In my server crash, I have been able to recover and copy the data of 2 data drives on to new 4TB drives. I expect to get my parity drive running later this week and then copied over to a new 4TB drive. So I will be placing all new drives in the server with clones of the parity and 2 data drives. And then plan is to rebuild the 3rd data drive. Is there specific instructions needed in making a
  9. Just want to report back on this as I slowly work to recover my data. I received a matching PCB board for my hard drive; same Model # and firmware. Doing a pure swap of the PCB board did get the HD to power up but could not read the drive. I then was able to find someone locally to swap the bios chip on the PCB board of the old one onto the new one. SUCCESS in that I could now read the drive and I am currently dd copying the data off to a new HD. Its a 4TB drive, and guessing the copy will take roughly 8 to 10 hours or more. I need to do this 3 more tim
  10. Thanks for getting back to me and I will let you know how it goes hopefully in a few days when the PCB boards arrive. As I look into some of the options in copying the data and seeing the progress, any recommendations for using dd and the block speed? I was reading also that pv is helpful in watching the status? Does unraid have pv installed and do either the below seem ok? I have 32GB of Ram in the MB to work with. Below assumes sdb is the old drive and sdc is the new drives to copy to. dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=100M status=progress
  11. Ok, so this is a hypothetical question as I read up more on PCB boards and my potential options. I believe 1 of the PCB boards I have coming is an exact match and will work without the need for a Bios Swap on the PCB. And that PCB board will match 3 of the my 4 drives, matching the Parity drive and 2 data drives. Would this work.... If I were to dd clone the Parity and the 2 data drives to new Western Digital Drives. And then attempt to start the array, would it be able to rebuild the 4th drive? The 3 drives would have new model numbers, but in theory they
  12. I am dealing with possibly my worse fear, which is a complete loss of all on my UnRaid data with no backup available. Potential loss of about 10TB of mostly movies and and tv shows. This is my own doing, and not Unraid's fault, but still keeping some small hope on recovering my data. Remember. Unraid is great, but when physical damage to HDDs occur, you could be screwed without an actual separate backup which i will plan for going forward. So... to explain In downgrading my server to a smaller case, what was suppose to be a hotswappable 5 bay ca
  13. I"m rebuilding my home lab setup and am thinking about possibly moving from ProxMox as my hypervisor over to Unraid and wondering if anyone has any input on performance between the 2. Currently, I run Proxmox and than have a VM (with plop) for Unraid along with a pass thru of HBA to unraid. It all works fine. And then I have containers for Plex and few other things. I currently run ProxMox in a Raid 1 on two 2TB SSD drives. And I would move those SSD's to the cache on unraid if I make the change. So If I were switch to using Unraid as the 'hypervisor', a
  14. Did you reboot unraid to get it start? It's suppose to be 3 separate lines above like in that link. Unsure why I can't get it show that way here in the forums.
  15. Well, I managed to get this installed I think correctly, but when attempting to view the game, all I get is "Not Found" To install it, I was able to get docker-compose installed and then ran setup scripts.