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  1. Repoman you god damn legend. I've been trying to get this going for a few weeks now and I was so close. Was just missing editing the setting in qbittorrent, for some reason I was overlooking that and too focused on the Radarr4K container. This worked perfectly for me, thanks for taking the time to come post your solution in such detail.
  2. I'm having similar issues since updating the container last night. It just won't connect at all. Nothing will upload or download. But when I run "curl" in the console it shows me the correct VPN IP and there's nothing that stands out to me in the logs. Previously when this happened I could get around it by randomizing the port it uses in the settings but that doesn't seem to be working now either. I've tried rebooting the container, as well as shutting it down for a bit and then back on. I've tried force updating the container as well, no change. The weird thing is I se
  3. I'm struggling to get 2 copies of this container running at the same time through a VPN container. I want to have a Radarr and Radarr 4K containers so I can get 2 copies, one for LAN and one for when I'm watching externally from my network. I've posted more details here: I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or maybe it's the containers I'm using (Binhex-qbit VPN) but I can't seem to get both running through VPN properly. Can anyone help me or at least tell me