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  1. is there a different solution to transfer my file from a HDD to my array bypassing the LAN connection?? I builded my UNraid only for my film storage, but I can't to complete the transfer at 20mb/s... I'll need for 2 month, I've got 12 TB to transfer!!!
  2. I tried to do that you told me. I did the following passages: I created 2 shared, one with HDD1 and the second one with HDD2. After that I loaded one file on HDD1. After, I tried to move the file from hdd1 to hdd2 but the speed was more slower than normal. I wanted to check my cables too but every cables are cat 5.e. Sorry but have I to use a Win/Mac OS browser to move on directory of my Unraid, correct? Isn't there the possibility to move on the directory by Unraid Os directly? Maybe is a rooter problem!
  3. Hi, first of all tsk for your help! While the transfer speed was too slow by LAN (My PC to the Array), I tried to bypass it and used an external disk 3.0, but the transfer speed was really slow again, 9/10 mb/s. Ok if I understood correctly I'll try to transfer a file from one of my disk to another on my array system. I'll come back when work's done
  4. sorry, I'm a beginner.. I've uploaded a .rar file.. is it correct? I also tried to install an app to mount an external HDD, and I did this to try to bypass the Lan and transfer the files by USB but, nothing.. something gone wrong, my transfer speed is always really slow!!
  5. Ciao a tutti, siccome l'inglese non è proprio nelle mie corde, provo a chiedere anche in questa sezione tutta ITA. Ho iniziato da pochissimo e dopo esser riuscito (non so se in modo corretto) a far partire il mio Array mi trovo in grande difficoltà siccome vorrei riempirlo ma non posso perchè la velocità di trasferimento dati dal mio pc al Unraid è limitata a soli 19Mb/s pur avendo una Gigabites regolarmente funzionante! Potreste aiutarmi?? Grazie anticipatamente
  6. Hi, first of all sorry for my bad English. I've installed a new Unraid with 2 3.5"HDD with 6tb. When I try to transfer a file from my pc to the Array of my new Unraid, the transfer speed is 19mb/s only. I don't know the reason because my lan is Gibabites and previously my Unraid was an HTPC with Win10 and the trasfert speed was 70/80 Mb/s. What can I do to discover the problem?? Tks for help me!