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  1. Hi Everybody as my previous posts, sorry for my bad english and for my poor know how... i'm a beginner! I'm trying to use better Plex docker bu i have tghe followig problem: When i try to find the directory of my file in the webGUI i can't find my shares folder of my unraid. I would like to use Plex instead to Kodi, because Kodi has always a lot of issue, mostly with my favorite skin!! Tks for help me!
  2. Hi everybody i've a "little" problem. I can't update my Plexserver because it needs a manual update. So I dowloaded the update *.deb by GUImode site but, since I'm a Unraid beginner, I don't know how I've to do the manual update without loosing all my previous Plex setting! Tks
  3. Hi everybody i don’t know why when i shutdown my unraid, it restart automatically after 5 seconds. It is a big problem because i setted the auto shoutdown in the Ups setting!! tks for the suggestions
  4. Great!! Tks you too!!! It is very rare to find patient and available people into the forums... mostly into the Italians one!!
  5. WOW!! Tks you.. you've explained everything really clearly! I'll go to purchase an HD for my parity disk.!!
  6. HI everybody, I'm a beginner so I've got some (for a lot of you) stupid questions (and my english is terrible too, sorry): - To replace a disk to mount a bigger one have I to got a parity disk?? If no... I have another question: my share include all my seven disks, so how can copy the files of only one of them?? - I would like to mount a Parity disk, but I'm not sure if I understood correcly: Must i mount a disk big or ugual than all my Raid? Now my Array device has 25TB , so for a parity disk have i to mount a 25TB Hard Disk???? Tks for your help!!
  7. Ciao, scusami, leggo solo ora la tua risposta. Ho provato sia WIFI (gigabit) che LAN ma niente.. suppongo che il problema sia dovuto dal fatto che utilizzo i power lan... ora sto per cambiare casa e cablo tutta casa... magari risolvo sto problema, Utilizzo il mio Unraid solo per storage ma comunque avevo settato la cache per il trasferimento dati... purtroppo però non era cambiato niente! Grazie per l'aiuto!
  8. Infact, i’m afraid that my lan has a problem and is enought for 1080 or 4k buffer. is there a program to check on the lan quality.. ? i think that my lan hasn’t a regular quality and this make the buffering issue. i’ve got a gigabyte lan but Tp-link power lan
  9. Hi Squid how do you mean “directly”? for your opinion is a source’s issue? Does it possible that the problem is my lan? Doesn’t give me this problem 10 days ago! I don’t know Unmanic… i’m a beginner! Sorry maybe have i to restart my unraid?? It works since 25 days
  10. Hi everyone, since some days for watching a film with Kodi, the quality of video seams to be worse quality, like low bitrate. I found the similar problem with plex, and with it the video stunning also I’ve thought that the problem could be my lan connection. But how can check on it?? tks!
  11. TKS!!!!!! Sorry I'm a beginner! Now OK
  12. I think I cleared all credentials, but nothing. When I put user: root and pass:xxxxxxxxx Win tell me access denied Anything wrong?
  13. HI, i red some guides and I setted my folder share in Private to increase my security but now I've not access to them by Mac or win10. When I try to open one folder, Win10 ask me user and pass, I put it correctly but nothing. Same problem with MacOS. With KODI, instead, I've no problem: Kodi ask me the credential as WIN but in this case no problem! WHY? Tks for the help
  14. You're GREAT!! So now is it normal that SSD writes all times during plex inactivity also? For plex inactivity i mean that it works the server but i'm not watching any video.
  15. Last login: Sun Mar 28 12:01:22 +0200 2021 on /dev/pts/0. root@Tower:~# rm -r /mnt/disk1/system rm: cannot remove '/mnt/disk1/system': No such file or directory