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  1. Looks like it's working for me now. just within the past couple minutes it started working again.
  2. I'm having the same issue. happened when I recreated the container this morning.
  3. I was literally writing up a different answer at the same time but by adding the INVIDIOUS_CONFIG_FILE variable but this is the correct answer. The mapping is indeed incorrect.
  4. I do use an ad blocker on chrome (I think it’s whitelisted already, can’t check at the moment) but I did try with Firefox that doesn’t have ad blocker and still couldn’t connect to the web gui
  5. I'm having an issue that another user posted. I can't access the web gui. It redirects from IP to my server's local DNS name, which using the local DNS has never been an issue. I can get the login screen but once I try and log in it just sits on a blank white page and spins. I've attached my diagnostics. I reverted back to 6.9.2 for now to get everything back up and running.