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  1. Oh yes, didn't see... You are absolutely right, that's the issue!
  2. Hmm, looks alright at first glance. Stupid question, but are you able to communicate from the Plex container to the PlexAnnouncer container? Try running the following from inside you Plex container: curl -X POST Obviously replace PLEX_WEBHOOK_TOKEN with your token. You should see something like this in your PA logs:
  3. Ok, so the PLEX_WEBHOOK_TOKEN can literally be anything you want, just type some random value in here. This token is then used in the URL, where PlexAnnouncer is listening for incoming Webhooks from Plex. So in your case: http://localhost:32500/1fkD... You then need to put this URL in your Plex settings, where you added the Webhook. From the behavior of your issue I guess that you added the Discord Webhook URL instead here. That's how it looks in my config: Note: You may have to replace localhost with the IP address of PlexAnnouncer (like I did) if they aren't run on the same host.
  4. Check your config again, you've probably inserted your Discord Webhook URL instead of the local PA URL (shown in the first line of your log) in your Plex settings.
  5. @CGRFC1872Can you maybe share your full log file?
  6. No his port is fine, it's the port PA is using (32500). What port Plex uses (32400 per default) doesn't matter here. I think everything is working here. PA is using Discord Webhooks which work fundamentally different then bots. You will for example never see a Webhook join your server, like a bot does. The message Plex send to your server will look like they were send by a bot called Plex (or however you configured your Webhook) but they were actually send using a web request to the Webhook URL you specified in your PA config. Hope this clarifies it
  7. Yes you can try, but shouldn't make a difference and I'm using the official Plex image with the exact same config and it works fine. Really strange....
  8. @Kibi Hm... Not much I can do here, the problem must be somewhere on the plex side, otherwise at least something would happen in PA logs... My settings are the same as yours.
  9. I can't see your images, so I have to guess, but that "!/server/4bb62b1cd62b1591a2b........." is just used to link to the elements you added to your library, if you open that link directly it won't work. Can you PM me screenshots of your Plex & PA Config?
  10. No that looks good, try adding something new to your library.
  11. Then try:!/server/4bb62b1cd62b1591a2b.........
  12. Ahhh, I hate that this URL looks different on every Plex installation... So this long alphanumeric string is your Server ID. Please try using the following:!/4bb62b1cd62b1591a2b......... (obviously add your full id instead of the dots)
  13. Hmm... If you are really running latest and no update is available ("Check for updates" in Docker-Tab), I'm absolutly clueless. If PA logs also not showing any activity (not even "Inbound request...") when you add a new episode, then the problem is probably on the plex side, but I'm not aware of any settings that might affect push notifications for individual episodes. I assume this affects all tv shows you are trying to add? Can you post a screenshot of your "tv show"-library settings? E.g.
  14. @Kibi I've done a little testing on my end. If I add a single episode to an existing show, it gets an inbound request for a new episode and shows up correctly in Discord. Are you running the latest version of PA? Where is your Plex instance from? Are you using the official one or the one from binhex?
  15. @brain:proxy @crattray Ok, not sure why this is happening, but update to the latest version (0.4.0) anyway. I've rewritten the part how PA handles episodes and tv show announcements with a little help of @Avalarion. Thanks again! Working on it, but it may take a while, since I'm currently quite busy.