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  1. Thanks for all of the responses everyone. I will upgrade to 6.11 when it is released and hopefully this will resolve the issue
  2. Hi Guys, I'm facing an issue where my unraid becomes unusable when the cpu usage is quite high. Currently running 6.10.0 But had this issue since 6.9.2 I've attatched diagnostics and also a screen shot This is what the web ui is like when the issue is taking place EDIT: Docker containers are also completely unusable during these times aswell
  3. Upgraded from 6.10.0 - rc8 with no issues!
  4. No, just cpu ram motherboard and cooler. I think it was a motherboard + cpu being a bit older issue. Now im on the 12th gen intel and running 6.10.0-rc4 and everything works flawlessly with the nvidia driver
  5. Hi, You may remmeber i was recently having issues installing the nvidia driver and keeping it running. I recently upgraded my sever hardware and i am glad to report all is working again and that the issue i was facing was most definetely hardware
  6. I did squids idea but it didnt work. I'm awaiting the server rebooting just now and hopefully that will have worked. IT WORKED!!! thank you, i can sleep now lol
  7. i gave this a shot. I'm unsure how to do it as it asks me to assign them an IP
  8. I will give this a shot. But some of the plugins community apps etc dont have network aswell as i cant see the versions of the docker containers if they have updates etc
  9. ah, I do have two nics installed 1gb nic and 1 2port 10gb nic which i dont have a dac cable for yet.
  10. Yeah, The old system did. This one is supposed to have one 10gb nic and 1gb nic but the dac cable doesnt work so i've had to order another
  11. Yeah, the cpu doesnt support it and neiether does the motherboard
  12. 6.9.2 I believe, but planning on upgrading soon
  13. No problem, im glad it’s all working. But now half my containers and plug-ins don’t have any internet access or access to the rest of the docker network or home network so I’m needing to get that sorted but unsure on how
  14. Hello, i recently upgraded various pieces of hardware in my server today. I am now finding several docker containers are unable to access the internet / local network but are able to be accessed externally and also that the community apps are not downloading. I have provided diagnostics but i am unsure what else is required
  15. It is a cpu without integrated graphics. It's using a seperate gpu. I found the issue was the efi- folder and thankfully that has fixed it only now i cannot access the webpage for it