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  1. @Mstrlink1 Can you check your Push notification settings? Plex Server Settings / General / Push Notifications (Advanced View) This needs to be enabled in order for "" events to be send to all web hooks.
  2. Awesome thanks! Didn't saw this...
  3. Hi, I saw some guys requesting a username change in this section. Any chance I can get my username changed to jonpetersathan. Want to align with my GitHub and Twitter username. Thanks!
  4. Really exited about the ZFS groundwork here and looking forward to the upcoming official ZFS support. I actually switched to TrueNAS Scale for my new server because of ZFS. And although I enjoy TrueNAS Scale quite much, it just can not compete with Unraid in the HomeLab space. So thanks for all the great work!
  5. @Hawkins12 Can you send me your logs and config? I mainly added documentation and automated the GitHub pipeline, so no idea what caused that
  6. Yeah, adding an additional variable won't help, since it will overwrite the other. Are you sure you changed the correct setting? So DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL should look something like this: "," I didn't test this feature extensively, but it still works for me. How many webhooks did you add?
  7. Try updating again, not sure why you have "media" instead of "server" in your url, but both should work now.
  8. Ahh, sorry... I remember fixing this bug before, not sure how I messed it up again, but please update once more.
  9. See my two previous posts But that's odd, are using environment variables to configure plex server url? Or still the config file?
  10. Plex Announcer 0.5.0 released as stable now!
  11. Still not a 100% sure what causes this, but I have also added a workaround to tenasi/plexannouncer:0.5.0dev. Can you test it and let me know if it works for you as well? If not are you able to share the last part of the URL with me? (Everything after "key=") Thanks!
  12. Happy to hear that! Sure thing! Here we go: tenasi/plexannouncer:0.5.0dev It is still WIP, but feel free to test it and let me know if you encounter any issues.
  13. Yeah not really, you can't tell Plex to wait for the matching process to complete, sadly. I hope Plex will fix this at some point, but it happens also to movies from time to time. I noticed this as well, not sure what caused this, but I'll have a look into this. Fix should be easy.
  14. @Sidewinder5675 Did you manage to get it working? Sorry for the late response, I missed that one.
  15. Not really, maybe Discord did some changes to the Webhook API... But for me everything still works as expected. Is your Plex Pass still valid? Or did your license expire by any chance?