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  1. MMW

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc1 available

    Lovely clean look and a nice easy update with no issues. Really can't recommend the Update Assistant enough.
  2. MMW

    Server shutting down on its own

    I would agree that two in front and two in back all pushing air would probably give a better air flow. Also, I would check the cable management to ensure none of them is covering over or blocking the air flow. I know it's obvious but check the airflow arrows on the fans are all pointing the right way, also you don't have any fan control software running do you?
  3. It's Alive.... Thanks working correctly now, shows all six drives.
  4. Hi John, Ran the update but I still get the same error message. Any suggestions? It worked before the last beta update.
  5. Updated and run but I get the following error. DiskSpeed - Disk Diagnostics & Reporting tool Version: Beta 5 Scanning Hardware18:53:55 Spinning up hard drives18:53:55 Scanning system storage & USB architecture18:53:56 Scanning hard drives Lucee Error (expression) Message can't cast empty string to a number value Stacktrace The Error Occurred in /var/www/ScanControllers.cfm: line 570 568: <!--- Assign ---> 569: <CFLOOP index="i" from="1" to="#ArrayLen(HW[Key].Ports)#"> 570: <CFSET NewPorts[HW[Key].Ports.PortNo]=Duplicate(HW[Key].Ports)> 571: </CFLOOP> 572: <!--- Replace ---> called from /var/www/ScanControllers.cfm: line 551 549: </CFLOOP> 550: </CFIF> 551: </CFLOOP> 552: 553: <!--- Identify total ATA ports on controllers ---> Java Stacktrace lucee.runtime.exp.CasterException: can't cast empty string to a number value at lucee.runtime.op.Caster.toDoubleValue(Caster.java:496) at lucee.runtime.op.Caster.toIntValue(Caster.java:789) at lucee.runtime.type.wrap.ListAsArray.set(ListAsArray.java:335) at lucee.runtime.type.wrap.ListAsArray.set(ListAsArray.java:340) at lucee.runtime.type.util.ArraySupport.set(ArraySupport.java:331) at lucee.runtime.util.VariableUtilImpl.set(VariableUtilImpl.java:405) at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl.set(PageContextImpl.java:1468) at scancontrollers_cfm$cf.call_000066(/ScanControllers.cfm:570) at scancontrollers_cfm$cf.call(/ScanControllers.cfm:551)
  6. MMW

    [FS UK] Numerous server, PC components

    Hi, What is the spec of the memory and are the fans in the Lani Li case? Thanks
  7. MMW

    Plex - which one?

    i am using the Plex official docker and it normally is updated max 1 day after release. Search the apps for Plex, it's the one from plexinc.
  8. MMW

    can't login into wiki !?

    Sorry to hijack the topic but I am going away on business and will not have decent internet access, is there a way of getting an official download of the Wiki to read while I am away?
  9. Any ideas on this: It was working correctly until the last update (been away and only just had a chance to update the post).
  10. MMW

    Harddrive Firmware

    Helpful somewhat. I may have to just run them for now, I need 3 new 4 or 5TB NAS units to replace all this and thats currently out of reach.
  11. MMW

    Harddrive Firmware

    So a question, Who here has updated the firmware on their seagate drives and is it really worth it. I have to 3TB drives and both have a firmware update available but I have never really needed to do this in the past so was wondering what other peoples thoughts were.
  12. MMW

    Windows 10 - clone and use as VM?

    Unless you use the linux method then I think most things will need a convert, just thought this might be easier than trying the restore each time.
  13. MMW

    Windows 10 - clone and use as VM?

    Have you considered using this VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 6.2 to make a virtual image of the pc and then convert that? Or Disk2VHD from Microsoft.
  14. Hi, I sent this earlier this morning, just wanted to check it arrived ok.