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  1. Which version of telegraf did you use, I keep getting the message "[telegraf] Error running agent: Error parsing /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf, line 7: invalid TOML syntax" when I try.
  2. That's using the Plex docker created and controlled by plex, I notice that you have not got a claimed plex code or is that just for the screenshots? I ask as I didn't think it would update to the plex pass version without that and it was a so and so to get it in there in the first place.
  3. You still stuck on this? Also the BETA version or the PlexPass version?
  4. Nice, Only got a four core AMD myself but am running a few tests to see how it best handles the conversion.
  5. interesting, going to see exactly what mine does when I convert just 1 file and not the standard 3 that it was running with
  6. Josh-5 said in a previous post that "To be clear, the main unmanic service runs on a single process (as is the nature of any python application), but each worker spawns a separate process that can take advantage of multiple processors for the encoding task.". So I don't think that you will be able to get it to use more than the 1 core per file being converted.
  7. Hi, Thought I would give this a go and it works great apart from the same issue as above with it maxing out a single cpu core when in idle. Version in the bottom corner of the webpage says
  8. So probably a stupid question but if I reverse proxy this using the lets encrypt docker, can I then access the items I put on the Heimdall homepage from outside my home network or would I need to set them up behind lets encrypt and use a separate user on Heimdall to host the links to these items? If that makes sense. Sorted it, got advice to use the external address that I set up for letsencrypt on a per docker setting.
  9. Tried it earlier on so afraid that's 50/50 if it is needed or not, just after the first install.
  10. Spot on working perfectly now. thanks for the plugin.
  11. It's alive. Does not appear to be updating the data but the plugin is now running.
  12. No cache drive on this system, as a network storage and plex unit I found it not really necessary.
  13. more than willing to help, I can wait if you want to try something else.
  14. So do we think it's not doing the copy? If I tried the copy manually?