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  1. If you have some pointers that could be useful.
  2. Thanks will do and the folder search in this docker or have I just missed it, I think that would work in the meantime?
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before but after recent Plex updates and feature changes I am moving away from Plex and onto Jellyfin. Is there a way to make this work with Jellyfin or will the folder search option be added into this docker as mentioned by others in this thread? Thanks.
  4. Try adding /install.php to the end of the webui after the first install, worked for me and I can add users under Admin.
  5. Have you had a look at Booksonic? Might do what you want.
  6. And I can confirm it works like a dream now, including the no cache and leaving the space after an ip address.
  7. Perfect, Dashboard is there on the new version,
  8. Hi, yep, the unit is used for storage so the cache drives are not needed. Array is there and it returns the discs, shares and dockers without issue. Also still trying to find a good SATA card to increase the drive number.
  9. Sent, but yes that was it, I did not notice the trailing space seems the built in keyboard on my phone was auto filling the field. So one other quick question, the dashboard is not loading for me I just get the loading circle. Any ideas?
  10. Hi, It looks great and I had a little google credit so I have bought it, I have done a feedback as the program will not run for me, once I enter the details for my server it just crashes. I should mention if I set the tower name in place of the IP it does not connect but also does not then crash when I click on add server it says it cannot connect, if I then add the server ip in place of the name it creates and I can access the server. With just the server ip in a new connection it still just crashes. Any ideas? A write up and review later on. Thanks
  11. True and easy to implement while I look at the SSL. Thanks
  12. Thanks Squid, so looks like the uphill struggle with SSL on Grafana is my only route it I want it in the custom tab. Works great outside, so now I need to decide if the work is worth the effort.
  13. I would check my SATA cables as well (if you haven't already).
  14. So after looking around I can see it is possible to run Grafana with SSL just a bit of work needed, also I read this as well From the 6.8.0-rc1 release notes: webgui: If a page is loaded via https, prevent it from loading resources via http (ie, block mixed content) Which I happen to be running so if I read this correctly I would need the SSL on Grafana to load it as a Custom Tab?
  15. Which explains why yours is working, I use SSL even though it is on my own network. I have turned off SSL and it works and then back on and it does not, which is exactly what Squid was saying. Now to see if it is possible to get Grafana to use SSL or some other way around it.
  16. Hi, This is the relevant line from the Grafana.ini And my Custom tab matches yours apart from the Tab Name and Width and Height (which i tried copying just to be on the safe side). Just very odd. I take it that you are running via SSL for the UNRAID box itself?
  17. Makes sense and leads to a wonderful headache @TaiCharhow did you manage to get past this? You mention X-Frame-Options=sameorigin in one of your post but I am unable to find this in the Grafana config file.
  18. A Lovely empty screen, totally blank.
  19. Thanks, I have made the changes for "allow_embedding = true" but this still does not allow me to put it in a custom tab. I can see in Grafana that the change is active, any other suggestions?
  20. Any hints on how to do this "I Had to change the "X-Frame-Options=sameorigin" option in grafana from false to true." I found in the security settings x_content_type_optionsfalse x_xss_protectionfalse Which I assume will allow me to get where I need to go but for the life of me cannot find the grafana.ini config file to edit.
  21. Which version of telegraf did you use, I keep getting the message "[telegraf] Error running agent: Error parsing /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf, line 7: invalid TOML syntax" when I try.
  22. That's using the Plex docker created and controlled by plex, I notice that you have not got a claimed plex code or is that just for the screenshots? I ask as I didn't think it would update to the plex pass version without that and it was a so and so to get it in there in the first place.
  23. You still stuck on this? Also the BETA version or the PlexPass version?