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  1. Wow - great video. Just went through it but I'll review again to be sure. I'll check his related videos; good quality stuff! Much appreciated and glad I asked! Rob
  2. Rebuilding my older Server but thinking of switching to Windows 10 on the new machine. (Current is Windows Web Server 2008 R2 Edition - which I had with an old MSDN subscription.) Ideally, I'd like to install a few OS's on the main NVMe drive - including Windows 10 - but then putting UNRAID on a USB key and via VM manage the various OS's. Excuse me if that is a very naive statement; I have not worked in any VM environments. I also plan to use a 4 port GigE network card (considering a Ziyituod ZYT-8104_T4) and wondering if I can have 2 ports teamed for file serving v