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  1. Ahh ok thx for the response squid. Now the fun part of figuring out which stick of ram it is
  2. Fix Common Problems Machine Check Events, attached is my full diagnostics
  3. my disk cache is set to -1, this is the default setting from when I installed the docker, would you recommend me changing it?
  4. Thank you for answering, i thought as much but figured i would ask just incase and not regret it later.
  5. TL;DR version: Can I do all of these at the same time since parity will be invalidated and thus only need to rebuild parity once? Remove 1 8TB drive, add 4 12TB drives, and change the array configuration? Long version: I want to remove 1 8TB drive, add 4 new drives, and reset the array configuration, all in one go, instead of having to remove the 8TB drive, then have parity run, and then adding the 4 new drives and resetting the configuration, which will cause parity to run again. - I have two parity drives (14TB) - 8TB drive has been emptied using unbalance and no user shares are assigned to it. - new drives have been precleared - reset my configuration to keep my current 2 14TB as parity followed by having all the 14TB drives on top, followed by the 12tbs and etc. My current array:
  6. This only works on good drives from the manuals said, unless someone found a way around that. **This method can only be used if the drive to be removed is a good drive that is completely empty, is mounted and can be completely cleared without errors occurring**
  7. Fix Common Problems Machine Check Events, attached is my full diagnostics, here's what I believe is the relevant portion from syslog: