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  1. Hello, I´ve been using CA Appdata Backup / Restore v2 to backup all Appdata for a number of Dockers, Plex, Sonarr, Krusader, PiHole just to mention some of them. Backups to a NAS, without any exclusions, backups have taken about up to 2 hours to finish without compression, but after updating to UnRAID 6.9.2 suddenly the backups take about 4-6 hours to finsh (4 hours when excluding Plex Media folder). Anyone who have seen the same issues or change in backup time? Anyone who knows where to begin troubleshooting into what is causing the double time to take the backups. What im i missing in terms of backup if excluding Plex Cache, Media and Metadata folders in order to speed up the backupprocess. If i would need to restore from backup, will i have to set up all the media matching and everything from scratch?