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  1. True that. I use OPNSense for DNS but yeah for someone that wants to use such should use custom bridge.
  2. Hello Unraid, I have a bug and it is as follows I use Unraid OS with SMB and Secured Shares. I made a Vultr Remote Server with different credentials then the internal side. In other words Unraid uses User Password for the SMB Share. I make a Wireguard Connection with my config which uses keys no passwords. I then connect Wireguard Config to Vultr thru NoVNC and get a IP of which is great but this is where it gets weird I connect my home laptop to and then connect up to the remote RDP Session and use \\ for my shares and it allows me direct full access but with two different passwords. The directive doesn't use my User Share Password as it should but instead allows the rdp different password to connect as if he or she is a guest. I use the endpoints to keep connections within each endpoint. But each endpoint doesn't respect the user credentials set.
  3. Awesome thanks. I will look at that but I don’t think I should need a custom bridge if my first dns sits on and the other is on the Unraid box But no doubt thanks for fixing those bugs. Much appreciated.
  4. So I have a question or two about this plugin. Will we be able to use it behind nginx or not? Second is can we do a redirect host from our domain to our unraid domain to make it a shorter domain.
  5. Okay so very good news. Those bugs the fixed indeed fix it.
  6. I will try to figure out the unbinding issue. Not sure how that is caused. Still looking been away from forums
  7. Reason behind 5353 is I use a dns server with OPNSense. No pi-hole. OPNSense has such blocking for better ease.
  8. I will test it out port 5353 wasn't the issue. It was the starting up in general. Will give it a go and post some results
  9. Can I use /mnt/disk/appdata/bind9 instead. As far I know the reason for error was the port 53 had to be changed to 5353 but upon removal it doesn't removal the bind of port. I will look into this more. On how to remove the bind port 5353 error.
  10. Yes this it is. Seems tho that the system keeps the port binded after removal.
  11. This last update has crashed this whole image. Upon fresh install I get server error. I never got this before with the last version.
  12. I don't even think that is enough to run it honestly. Would recommend it least 8 GB of RAM.