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  1. I got it now running (using the official plex container) don't even need to provide the /dev/dri device to the container. But for HDR h265 content i had to disable HDR Tonemapping in the Transcoder settings. Transcoding a 2160p HDR movie to 1080p My Plex Transcode Settings: (sorry they're in german) Pretty happy for now I'm using intel_gpu_top, 6.10-rc2, had to remove everything from my go file so no chmod 777 for the dev/dri and no modprobe command, set my primary output in bios to the igpu, blacklisted Driver as mentioned above and added the i915.force_probe=4680 to my boot device. Hope this might help
  2. At the moment as far as I know there is no HW support for transcoding with the igpu. At least I tried all the gen11 tricks that were mentioned on reddit and this forum and none worked for me. Just for clarification I run (Spare parts from old systems for GPUs and RAM): Intel 12600K 48 GB of DDR4 3000MT 3x 8TB Samsung QVO SATA SSDs 2x 512GB NVME SSDs Quadro P600 GTX 1650 Ethernet Dongle (same issue as mentioned above) ConbeeII USB Stick, Logitech Wireless Dongle 3x 120mm Noctua Fans 1x 40mm Noctua Fans 2x 92mm Noctua Fans Yeah a lot of fans but the Server is right beneath my TV so it should be whisper quiet.
  3. For me on the 12600k it looks pretty good in idle - better than the ryzen 3600 with a x570 mobo i used before... Whole system power usage in idle is about 75watts and was about ~85-90watts and before i only used 2 Sticks of DDR4 Ram instead of now 4 Sticks I think it could be better with undervolting but I prefer stability and don't want to invest time into finding a stable voltage.. And Idle for me means 10 Docker Containers running and 1 Windows VM with a dedicated GPU always on - the vm uses 6 P-Cores and most of the running docker containers share the e-cores
  4. Yep, I agree it isn't fully supported yet - I hope for a newer kernel version - hope intel works on this. Also stuff like core_freq_cli doesn't start but for me it does everything I need at the moment
  5. Yep but looks like this on boot. So far I also found out, that I have to deactivate Above 4G decoding in the bios to get unraid to boot and the iGpu doesn't seem to be supported for now by the linux kernel which makes sense for now. Looking forward to see what SimonF finds out, I think with ddr5 it might be even more interesting
  6. Just fyi - on my 12600k i can see using /dmesg I will try it out with the suggestions in the message in the coming days but maybe alder lake needs an updated linux kernel we'll see edit: tried to use "i915.force_probe=4680" but didn't work for me
  7. Started today with a "MSI Pro Z690-A DDR4" and a 12600k, works like a charm - with unraid 6.10.0-rc2 - the only thing not working for me is the internal 2.5Gbit Ethernet - I'm using an external gigabit dongle at the moment - using the P-Cores for my HTPC/Gaming VM and the E-Cores for all the docker stuff and so on. (Used an old Ryzen 3600 before) Looks pretty nice so far regarding CPU usage powerdraw etc. All the cores and threads are there correctly