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  1. I'll take some temps tomorrow when the temperature sensor comes and let you know.
  2. Looks like the highest temp any of the HDDs has seen is 36C, with most of them showing highest of 32C. I actually have a temperature sensor probe coming tomorrow, that I am planning to put in the HDD area, to set the fan curve for the front fans, which are just the 3 stock fans. I haven't spent much time on fan settings yet, I just sort of set everything at balanced. I'm also going to be test fitting some 40mm fans for my 3 cards tomorrow.
  3. Sorry can't help but have you tried posting for help in the autofan thread?
  4. Thanks dude, yep I have a UPS tucked back there too.
  5. Hey all, Pretty proud of my first Unraid machine. Finally have it to a "finished" state. I wanted to share some good photos but I'm no photographer. I scored all 10 14TB HDD's from shucking Seagate external drives a few months ago, before the price boom, so $225 apiece. Hoping price comes back down because I have space for a few more. I'm still in the learning phase but I have set up OpenVPN, Nextcloud with reverse proxy, Plex, Windows 10 VM, and Ubuntu VM. Running headless for now until I have a need for a GPU assuming they come down to MSRP. I have a 10Gbps card in this and my regular P
  6. Just one thing about that board. I had to replace the chipset fan after about a year because it was getting rattly. Asrock sent me a replacement for free, and it was easily replaceable from the front. New one has been going strong for a couple years now.
  7. Hey. I just put together an x570 build. My first experience with Unraid, but my second experience with X570. For this build I used an Asus Prime X570 Pro, and I've been happy with it. The Asus board boots headless, and my ECC RAM works with it. Here is the RAM I ended up using: ( ECC seems to be highly recommended for important storage, so I guess whether you use it or not probably depends on how highly you value your data. But the price seemed pretty reasonable so it was a no-brainer
  8. I was able to swap this in yesterday, and all my drives were recognized. I'll have to look into testing drive RW speeds in Unraid. I don't see any Intel markings on it, so who knows if it's authentic or grey market or just a knock off, but it works. Thanks for the tip. Now just waiting on a standoff kit so I can mount it.
  9. Ok so they are the same, except that #2 does not include filters? And if I'm not using any filters, then they're just identical?
  10. Hey quick question. Am I understanding the difference between these two values correctly? "Only move at this threshold of used cache space" - I have this set to 70%, so that when the mover is pinged nightly, it will only act if the cache is over 70% full. "Move All from Cache-yes shares pool percentage" - I have this set to 90%. I thought this was more of an immediate move. If at any time during the day, the cache passes 90%, the mover is invoked. I think I'm misunderstanding the second one, or the difference between the two, because I just passed 90% and nothing was happ
  11. I ended up going with this. He did accept my offer of $75. I feel bad for anyone who is paying the listed buyout of $180. Are these genuine Intel cards? I was wondering about this as well as the x550-T1 cards I bought also.
  12. Thanks didn't realize this variant was molex only. The other does allow molex and has the ports oriented parallel to the board, but I will keep this as an option. Just curious, do people usually mount this somehow, or sorta leave it sitting around in the case?
  13. Looks like these pop up on eBay pretty regularly at the price range of $60-100, but there aren't any right now. Just figured I'd check here in case anyone is looking to unload one. I'm replacing one of my LSI 9211-8i cards with this, to free up a PCI-e slot, and I should've gone this route in the first place instead of 2x of the 9211 cards.
  14. That's true. Well here is the video where the man covers the topic:
  15. You are correct. I found that about 5 minutes after posting this, and I tried to delete the post. Not sure why that didn't take. Thanks for your reply. Hoping it goes smoothly.