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  1. WOW the dns did it! Switched to google dns and the updates appeared instantly
  2. I believe there is already a bug report for this:
  3. Is there an issue for this so we can track when its safe to upgrade to 6.9.x?
  4. So it ended up continuously kernel panicking every few hours. I downgraded to 6.8.3 and haven't had any issues since.
  5. I "fixed" it by downgrading to 6.8.3
  6. Hey did you figure it out by any chance? I'm having the exact same issue, same cpu + mobo with a kernel panick. Tried disabling c states and the idle setting, it worked for a couple weeks then started crashing again.
  7. Hey trurl thanks so much! I updated the bios then changed the Power Supply Idle Control, disabled the c-states and ran a memory test. Its been running for 24 hours and counting, hopefully thats it. Definitely didn't think it had anything to do with Ryzen, thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks trurl I'll check that out and try what it says. Its strange though since it was running fine for a few months. nexus-diagnostics-20210512-1731.zip
  9. Hi, I've been using unraid for a few months now and its been running great. However recently it goes unresponsive every few hours to few days. It seems random. I have disabled all docker containers except for plex and tautulli. I have removed all of my vms. Maybe it could be a plugin? Or something to do with the network? I've attached the syslog. Thats how it ends until I restart. The server is still running but I can't connect to it in any way (web portal, ssh), its running headless (ryzen with no igpu) so I can't connect a monitor to it. Would that help? Once I restart it starts working fine until the next time it acts up. Is this enough of the log or should I dump the whole thing? Is there anything I can do or get to get better debug information? Thanks!