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  1. Created fresh new Install Windows 11 Pro Following the steps one to one with SpaceInvaders Video Share Succesfully added via Virtiofs, before installed winsfp from https://winfsp.dev but verry slow transfer rates cYa BUSTER
  2. Was hast du als Network Type hinzugefügt ? da solltest du DVB-C auswählen, Network Name etwas angeben ich hab VF-Cable da hingeschrieben dann bei Pre-defined Muxses den am besten definieren der dein Anbieter passt, Rest so stehen lassen und auf Create klicken jetzt auf TV adapters, da sollten 4 stück ersichtlich sein nun müsstest du diese mit dem eben erstellten Network quasi verbinden jeden einzeln anklicken rechts auf Experten Modus und Network vergeben den Adapter enable anklicken, und unten auf save, der Adapter sollte denn Grün werden, die restlichen 3 auch so verbinden mit dem Network. cYa BUSTER
  3. da muss folgender eintrag rein als variable --satip_xml sofern sich die fritzbox ip bei dir nicht anders ist. cYa BUSTER
  4. was hast du unter Container Variable: RUN_OPTS drin stehen ? cYa BUSTER
  5. boot-args string is correct it should stay there, even with the right vbios the string must be stay Try give the gpu to windows vm with the Vbios and test it of works in Windows, try same gpu from other manufactors vbios rom cYa BUSTER
  6. okay.. i have checked for you the rom if theay starts with 055AA, an it is so theay has not nvflash header, --> https://prnt.sc/b9SvA0ce3Zrj try to use an other PCIe slot, ore try give the kart on Windows Machine with the rom and take a screen about your boot-args and upload here. cYa BUSTER
  7. really ? we are here in SpaceinvaderOne - Macinabox Thread, he has so many tutorials uploaded on Youtube look here Asus RX 6600 XT 8 GB BIOS --> Click with mouse same bios Asus, ROG Strix OC, AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, Micron VRAM (2428 / 2000) cYa BUSTER
  8. macOS Monterey 12.1 Release Notes Displays New Features, You can now use graphics cards that integrate the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT GPU. (82532062) must be check of your card runs with vbios from RX 6600 XT, also check waht has ghost82 saying about Vbios an Quemu dont likes nvflash header, so you have to remove it; the rom must start with 0x55AA (hex) cYa BUSTER
  9. no i didn't edit it with a hex editor, maybe that's the reason why it didn't work. I did not know that must start with 0x55AA (hex) thank you for give the info about qemu doesn't like that header. cYa BUSTER
  10. I have to say first that I don't have that much of a clue as to how to find out all this data you asked above, if you can help me how i check all these, i am happy to check this data together with you, you can log into my system via teamviewer and we can do it together apparently no problem. you gave me a tip that the bios must be uefi capable, so I'm looking for another vbios rom, the vbios that i created myself with gpuz didn't work, on the techpowerup site there are 13 different vbios for the device XFX AMD AD 7770 Ghost Edition, none of them worked, then there are vbios from other manufacturers, the Powercolor.HD7770. 1024.121031.rom worked, so the graphics card has been put into operation, the system runs very well, drivers have been recognized and that counts for me. cYa BUSTER
  11. Ventura currently not possible, dont try to update from Monterey to Ventura i´ll will be destroy VM cYa BUSTER
  12. Monterey Install over MacInaBox not Possible, you must install BigSure, configured and after that must be start Update to Monterey cYa BUSTER
  13. https://prnt.sc/sxdEQ2N0i8v- Okay.. after i have add radpg=15 in right place and found another Vbios file (Attached) from TechPowerUP issue solved, now i can use the XFX Ghost Edition AMD HD 7770 in Monterey thank you verry mutch ghost82 for assist cYa BUSTER XFX.GHOST.HD7770.1024.121106.rom