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  1. Recently I installed transmission-vpn. Painful process and template could definitely be improved. It's inconsistent, naming of parameters/variables and placement/grouping (like directories etc.) are a1ll over the place. Nevertheless, I managed to configure it and it works like a charm. Couple of the things I had to hack like OPENVPN_PROVIDER and OPENVPN_CONFIG. I use ExprexxVPN and docker supports it but it's missing from the default values. I played with defaults, set EXPRESSVPN and added ExpressVPN specific configs. So far so good. Except that at night the template reverts to it's defaults and both OPENVPN_PROVIDER and OPENVPN_CONFIG revert to original values (first values on the list). Also the download directory get (sometimes) messed up. Any ideas how to fix this? I switched off automatic updates so the container does not get restarted but the values have changed nevertheless. Also, what I do not understand is what are /mnt/user/T_Media/Torrent/ for? It seems to not have any use besides automatically creating the share. I am also confused by 3 separate Download parameters, I do understand container path /Downloads but what is /Download for? Not to mention /mnt/user/T_Media/Torrent/ Thanks!