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  1. Could you please share how you routed through VPN? In Jackett I use the proxy setting, but with flaresolverr, there is no GUI. I've set up the container to route 8191 from app to 8191 host; I can't put the vpn port there, can I?
  2. Sorry if this has been addressed, I didn't see anything in a search. When I restart the DelugeVPN docker, it loses any torrents I had queued that did not have any download progress (0% progress). My torrents are added via Radarr/Sonarr, and they queue to the bottom, and don't actually download any torrent information until they get to the top and start. I suppose I could solve this by queuing to the top, but I would rather have first in/first out. Is there another solution? Should I maybe have deluge save a copy of the torrent files to a folder? Or is this a Sonarr/Radarr issue? Thanks in advance EDIT: I actually see two torrents with 0% progress still in the deluge queue, but they have the file information available, so they have apparently downloaded the torrent information. Is there a way to have the torrent grab the information when it is added via Sonarr/Radarr?
  3. I liked the look of these so I borrowed the idea, made it a bit darker and added the texture from the back of the new Apple Pro XDR display. I decided I had spent enough time on it today, but I'll probably keep tweaking it to make it a bit more polished.