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  1. Hi all, I'm struggling to choose the right HDWR for my new unraid server. My objective is zero noise, lowest possible power consumption with plex transcoding capabilities and at least 8 threads for my VMs. I thought to found the right config with this: CPU (V1605B, 4C/8T, 2GHz, TPD 12-25W) - CPU mark 6876 !! The problem that I discovered that PLEX doesn't support HW AMD trascoding 😞 Now the problem is to find a right config to have a power consumption of about 15w in idle. Actually my idea is to use this: CPU i3-10100 / 10300 MB ASRock B560M-ITX/ac What do you think? Anyone have tested this cpu? Could be possible to limit the frequency and tune the undervolting setting to achieve this objective? Any suggestion? Thanks
  2. Thank you very much, I have no idea that plex doesn't support AMD HW decoding. It's a pity!!!! You save me to do an orrible mistake. Seems to be a workaroud ( but I don't want to spend 750eur and use my huge plex library betting on a workaround. So, I need to rethink my configuration. 😞
  3. There are any problem in terms of performance/stability? This configuration is like a “best practice”? It will works well? thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm building my unraid server with the follow configuration, my objective is Zero Noise and lowest possible power consumption with plex trasconding capabilities: CPU (V1605B, 4C/8T, 2GHz, TPD 12-25W) - CPU mark 6876 !! Chip JMB585 PCI-E X4 5 ports sata ( Crucial P2 CT500P2SSD8 Disco Duro sólido Interno SSD de 500GB, de hasta 2400 MB/s NVME ( Crucial RAM CT16G4SFD824A 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz CL17 ( KabelDirekt – 3 Cables SATA-3 de 6Gb/s – 30cm, ángulo de 90° Fractal Design Node 304 Cooler Master MasterWatt 450 EU - PSU, Semi-Fanless Modular, 80 Plus Bronze, 450W, MPX-4501-AMAAB-EU SanDisk SDCZ33-016G-G35, Memoria con USB 2.0, 16GB, (Unraid SO) (total cost about 750 eur, total power consumption in idle status less than 15w ....I hope) This single computer board has 2 sata ports on boards. Can I mix the HDDs and connect 5 of them on the HBA board and the other 2 on the onboard sata connectors? There are any problem in terms of performance/stability? Once I have the array configured, can I swap the connector of 1 HDD with another (....of course when the system is in power off status)? Thanks in advance Best Regards Marco