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  1. Hi, I try to install plex addon on this container, without success. Anybody have success with it? As well I try to install upmpdcli, without success. Could you help me? The idea is to have the possibility to have my remote folders from plex dnla server on Mopidy. Thanks
  2. I don't understand why, but today it's working. The problem is gone. Probably is the first time in my life that a problem go away without any intervention. 😳
  3. Hi, after the last update the ip addresses are not show under column "data" into the zone. When I create a new record I set the ipaddress, but it is not show in the zone record list. If I want to delete the record, I can't because I receive the error "Error! Parameter 'ipAddress' missing." If I want update an existing record, I have the same error.... How I can fix it? Regards
  4. Hi, When I try to create a VM with Sophos XG home, just after the first configuration wizard (Bridge mode) all my entire LAN collpase (No internet, no ping to other phisical pc, impossible to ping router or unraid server etc..) My conf: Router --> switch --> Unraid server and all other pc, wifi AP etc.... I want just test how it's works.... It's really strange, it's like to launch a bomb on my router.... My network setting in unraid attached (only one cable is connected of my 2 nic ports) To retake the control of the situation, I have to restart phisically the unraid server, so the VM will not start again at the boot, and fortunately everything come back to work as expected Any idea? Thanks Unraid:NetworkSettings.pdf
  5. I saw that there is a NEXT branch update to fix this issue, but honestly I don't know if is better to wait the stable release update. What do you suggest? Thanks
  6. it's really strange. I removed the container and deleted the appdata/transmission, reinstalled the container, copy the old settings.json to the new one.... no way. Doesn't works. 🤨
  7. After the last update I was unable to connect with transmission web GUI. Try to delete app folder and reinstall it. Same problem. Putting *.*.*.* value as whitelist. No change. Set false to whitelist. no change Any idea?
  8. Thanks for the asnwer. But you can reach these addresses in the browser? I don't.... and the neither,,.....
  9. Hi, the repositories of mariadb and nextcloud containers seems not available. How can I fix it? Thanks for your help
  10. Hi all, my unraid server has just 2 months, and today, when I woke up, I found the server down. One core of the cpu at 100%, no shares available, no dockers and VMs working. I restart unraid. Shares come back to life, but unraid start the parity-check. No cache drive recognised (I have an M2 from crucial). I try to check the logs, but all the logs start after the reboot. All my VMs and Docker containers are gone (The files was on the cache). What happen here? Is it possible that my M2 drive has failed just after 2 month? Why I found all the shares "off-line" and when I restarted the pc the parity-check start? Where I can find the log of the last night? Which steps I have to do to avoid data loss and understand what is happen? Help me please, I have about 15TB of data into this NAS.... I have a panic attack.... Thanks
  11. Yes, I know. Right now I'm coping on array. But when the cache is available (free), the write speed rate is really low (40MB/s). When the cache is full, automatically start to write on array, and the speed increment up to 130-160MB/s
  12. HI , I'm a new user of UNRAID, I'm migrating my existing disk to my new custom NAS and I have an issue with the cache drive. My actual situation is: 2 hdd in a new array without parity 1 cache nvme device 1 unassigned disk (will be my parity disk after the migration of the files) When I rsync my big files from the unassigned disk to my array, the read/write speed is about 130-160MB/s. When I move my files (with mover) from the cache to the array the read/write speed is about 130-160MB/s. When I copy a big file from network to my cache the write speed of my cache is about 130-160MB/s BUT when I rsync my file from my unassigned disk to the cache, after 20-30 secs at 130-160MB/s, my read/write speed decrease at about 30-40MB/s (????????) WHY??? What could be the problem? (I disabled already folder caching plugin) Thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm struggling to choose the right HDWR for my new unraid server. My objective is zero noise, lowest possible power consumption with plex transcoding capabilities and at least 8 threads for my VMs. I thought to found the right config with this: CPU (V1605B, 4C/8T, 2GHz, TPD 12-25W) - CPU mark 6876 !! The problem that I discovered that PLEX doesn't support HW AMD trascoding 😞 Now the problem is to find a right config to have a power consumption of about 15w in idle. Actually my idea is to use this: CPU i3-10100 / 10300 MB ASRock B560M-ITX/ac What do you think? Anyone have tested this cpu? Could be possible to limit the frequency and tune the undervolting setting to achieve this objective? Any suggestion? Thanks
  14. Thank you very much, I have no idea that plex doesn't support AMD HW decoding. It's a pity!!!! You save me to do an orrible mistake. Seems to be a workaroud ( but I don't want to spend 750eur and use my huge plex library betting on a workaround. So, I need to rethink my configuration. 😞