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  1. I've read that adding multiple IPs and/or changing the slice size(?) might help speed up lancache downloads, are those features viable? can they be requested?
  2. I've recently migrated to Unraid from Synology, and I've been looking for an Unraid equivalent solution to DS FIle on iOS for remote file management. The critical stumbling block was avoiding a download to the iOS device during file copy between shares. I'm not sure how far I am from intended purpose, but I now have it working with this container and the Documents app on iOS. To achieve my goal I've had to: 1. Disable SSL with the 'Digest' variable, but I only connect via Wireguard tunnel, so I'm assuming this is safe enough. 2. Set the WebDav Share to /mnt/usr/ Firstly, if this continues to work as well as I think it does, thank you very much, please keep this container alive! But perhaps more importantly, aside from the risk of my accidental deletion of all shares....can you tell me of any fundemental issues with this approach?