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  1. I am on 5.0 and am looking to finally upgrade to 6. Is 6.1 still considered a beta and should I use 6.01 instead still?
  2. I was about to do this but I kept holding off, I can have 20 (forgot the exact number) of drives in my array and my case can support them all. Recently I just picked up three 3TB WD Green's for around 100 each, the prices of 2 & 3tb drives are hitting a great value per gb pricepoint and seems like a great time to jump on them.
  3. I am currently on the latest V5 release. Thanks for the quick responses appreciate it, seems like such a (relatively) hassle free process compared to when I first started using Unraid. Ive been in a set it and forget it mode with my unraid server the last year or so as its just worked. Can't wait to try out v6 as I have some time on my hands.
  4. Hello my current system is a 32 bit and I would like to move the entire array over to my new machine which is 64 bit capable, Im wondering what the best way to proceed with this is? I read somewhere that unlike the previous verisons unraid doesnt care which sata port I connect the drives to as it uses the drives unique id. So can I just follow the instructions to upgrade my USB to 6.0 and then move the drives over to the new server boot up and assign the drives back correctly? Thanks.
  5. Thats an amazing explanation, thank-you. That should definitely be put somewhere in regards to building an unraid system in 6.0 and the outcome of having different cpu's. Cant wait to get my new chip now!!
  6. Thank you for all the help, I guess it will all come down to price. If I can pick up a 9650 for $120 all in I will buy it locally else Im sure I can find a 9550 for around $90. In regards to a slight overclock can the 9550 be made to match the performance of a 9650 easily?
  7. The virtualization was another feature that really interested me. Thank-you for explaining the benefits of upgrading to the core 2 quad. Like you have stated the Q9650 is tough to find, and seems to be priced a little high. Would there be noticeable difference to me if I went with a Q9550 instead? If so I don't mind paying a little more, but as with some recent processors getting the top of the line isnt really the best choice.
  8. I would like to be able to use Plex and transcode a couple 1080p streams. I would also like to be able to install sabnzbd. Im seeing some Core 2 Quad Q9550 for around $90, and I dont think I will find a q9650 for close to that (I'd love to find a decently priced q9550s as it has an even lower thermal profile)
  9. I have an Asus Commando ROG motherboard I am moving my unraid server over to, it is running a Core 2 Duo E6420 along with 4gb of ram. I will be upgrading the RAM as I have a couple sticks just laying around to 6gb, I know it might not make a difference but the sticks are just sitting around - Hopefully I can find a way to make use of them??? I was also wondering if I should bother upgrading my CPU while the server is torn down? It is currently a Core 2 Duo E6420 the following link lists all the cpu's my motherboard supports: Im wondering if its worth upgrading? I am running unraid 6.0 beta 6 and looking at the features planned it seems to leverage a heftier CPU, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I was thinking one of the quad core ones like the Core 2 Quads, or Core 2 Extreme's??
  10. Thanks bkastner and JustinChase thats some great advice for both sides. I guess since I have the second machine that is 64 bit capable I wouldnt mind messing around if only my first machine wasnt freaking out. Great to know that an upgrade will be painless (aside from the plugins side of things)
  11. I just saw this, jumping on this right away!
  12. I have a 5.0.3 PRO server on a non 64bit cpu, and am thinking about turning a second machine that is just sitting around into my main server since the first machine is giving me tons of issues. The "newer" machine is 64bit capable is it worth installing 6.0 beta 6 onto it or should I just stick with 5.0.5? If I do stick with 5.0.5 is it easy to upgrade to 6.0 in the future?
  13. Thanks for all the quick replies. I guess I shouldnt have an issue leaving my server on all the time as long as the drives go to sleep. Im wondering if this will affect my power usage a lot over the course of a month? I never realized people have no worries about leaving the server on all the time. Unraid doesnt support WOL on my motherboard unfortunately which is why I was asking.
  14. I've dont quite a few searches but havent come back with anything related to Unraid. I was wondering if there are people who just leave their server on all the time. Is this bad for the longevity of the hard drives/server??