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  1. If as you try to access unsecure unRAID, you see this panel, insert \ backslash for user ID and click OK, your in.
  2. Since I do not have the skills to evaluate the diagnostics and resolve this issue and I was not getting a lot of useful advise from the Form, I went with plan 'B'. I am sure there was a simpler solution but I was not seeing it and it was time to get beyond this issue and get on with living. FYI, I have included the steps I used to a successful resolution. The one thing I can say about this approach is it speaks to the resiliency of the unRAID system, the Holy Grail of any NAS, no data lost. 1- From local desktop browser unRAID console went to Main -> Flash -> Flash Backup
  3. Constructor Thanks for the feedback, I will try the simple bump method next. I did go down stairs and turn of the other computer and stopped the flood of "wrong csrf token" errors. I rebooted this computer and cleared cache in both Chrome and Firefox. Every time I try to enable notifications I get this message in syslog. It come as a simple text message and I did kill the tab in Firefox before logging in with Chrome. Does this give you (or anyone else) a clue? Like I tried to say, I can execute a notifications enable/disable on my other unRaid server from either on
  4. Forgive me for repleting this issue but I got no responses from first post and I am totally stumped. I have a warning banner on my browser interface "System notifications are disabled. Click here to change notification settings." Clicking on here gets me to /Settings/Notifications and indeed System notifications is Disabled. I will select enabled and just for fun change Array status notification to Send once a day. When I do this the Apply button will unghost, so I will select Apply and the screen resort back to the Disabled state. I have reformatted my flash, loaded a new cop
  5. supermicro X10SL7-F w/ 32 GB Memory, Unraid Plus @ 6.6.6 & 3 x 4 TB HD "System notifications are disabled. Click here to change notification settings." message continues to show on banner. I go to Notification Setting, Enable, Apply and it returns to the Disabled state. I have tried configuring it just like I have done on a second similar machine, but this one alway return to the disabled state. Attached is Thanks Scott
  6. Diagnostics attached. Not finding server name, starting GUI or shares. I can restore Biz files and get back to an operational 6.3.5 system but would like to move on to 6.5