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  1. Well it's better than being spammed routinely by a China botfarm.
  2. 1 server myself. I don't need anymore than 1 for what I do.
  3. That's not what I meant. You already have 'Nvidia Driver Capabilities' in your template, which isn't properly formatted. If you formatted it to "NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES", that would fix the issue. Telling someone to add it doesn't help your case, and is is sloppy development.
  4. I found that the stock template needs to be modified if you are using NVIDIA transcoding. The additional parameter of NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES with the key of 'all' fixed by transcoding issues. The maintainer needs to fix their template, changing Nvidia Driver Capabilities to NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES. Now the other thing, is that transcoding does not kick in unless you choose a lower bitrate than what the file is originally encoded at. I've watched my GPU dashboard to verify that.